James Vincent

Included below are James' early ventures in the '60s bands The Exceptions (with Marty Grebb of the Buckinghams and Peter Cetera of Chicago), the psyche band Aorta and the last version of the band HP Lovecraft

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Click to enlargeCREATION
With all of the drama and impact of the big bang but from a decidedly more spiritual point of view, here is the new CD from James Vincent. A complete departure from literally everything he has ever done before but with more inspiration and dedication than the average genius puts into a project, we give you the symphonic journey called CREATION

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Play T
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Songs on this album are:
1. C
2. R
3. E
4. A
5. T
6. I
7. O
8. N

Click to enlargeEach New Morning
After announcing that he had recorded his last album due to hearing loss, James has found a way to do it again - and this time it's an instrumental, easy listening collection that will definitely make his fans very happy.

Play Coat of Many Colors
Play Spiritual Israel
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Songs on this album are:
1. Coat Of Many Colors
2. How Firm a Foundation
3. Emmaus
4. Tribute to Keith & Anne[Easter Song]
5. Spiritual Israel
6. Enter In
7. Each New Morning
8. How Can I Thank You?
9. Donít Let the Sun Go Down
10. Take My Life
11. Once to Every Man and Nation [Hymn]
12. Crown Him with Many Crowns [Hymn]
13. The Beauty of All Creation
14. What Does It Profit a Man?
15. I Surrender All [Hymn]
16. Daniel Daniel
17. Waiting for the Rain

Click to enlargeSpace Traveler
Recorded in 1975 and released in 1976. Definitely my most commercially successful project. The single hit the top forty in several markets with no touring support. It was said that if the release had been a year later with the "Star Wars" movie being released, it would have been a possible number 1 hit. R&B jazz fusion would best describe the style. I was at the time on an extended visit to Kauai, Hawaii that turned into almost a year visit, to the complete frustration of my label and management. If you like the funky sounds of the mid seventies you should love this record.

Play Alone (Space Traveler)
Play Stepping Up (Walking on Higher Ground)
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Songs on this album are:
1. The Garden/Mankind
2. Drifting Into Love
3. Alone/Space Traveler
4. Firefly
5. Song For Jamie
6. How I'm Gonna Miss You
7. Stepping Up/Walking On Higher Ground
8. Moonday

Click to enlargeRetrospective
These twelve instrumental tracks meet the musical criteria of the many alternative and smooth jazz radio stations throughout the world. This compilation was born out of requests from my friends in radio and contains many of my personal favorites that I have recorded over the past thirty years.

Play Mediterranean Nights
Play For Jamie
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Songs on this album are:
1. Blues For Isaiah
2. Mediterranean Nights
3. Song For My Mother
4. Shoot From The Hip
5. For Jamie
6. Electrablue
7. Cat Dancing
8. Second Wind
9. Naomi
10. Be Still My Soul
11. Gato
12. 5 Alive

Click to enlargeLove and Far Away Places
Love And Far Away Places is a compilation born out of many requests I have had for a recording that takes you, the listener, on a relaxing and romantic journey. Get ready to visit timeless landscapes in a place with imagery of your own design.

Play Creation Dreams
Play Electrablue
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Mediterranean Nights
2. Creation Dreams
3. Daniel, Daniel
4. My Joy
5. I Found You..Brigitte
6. Electrablue
7. Algernon II
8. Far Away Places
9. She's Got It Bad
10. Naomi
11. Dance Of The Woods
12. Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Click to enlargePure Satisfaction
Completed in 2001, Pure Satisfaction is a reflection of my love of jazz and other influences coupled with a gospel message. Waiting For The Rain and Enter In fans should definitely check it out.

Play Pure Satisfaction
Play These Things We Seek
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Songs on this album are:
1. Forever Held In Your Love
2. Don't Let The Sun Go Down In Your Anger
3. Pure Satisfaction
4. Piyapong (See Below)
5. Be Still My Soul (Instrumental)
6. These Things We Seek
7. The Shadow Of Your Wings
8. Be Not Afraid
9. I Just Want To Thank You Lord
10. Creation Dreams (Instrumental)

Click to enlargeGreatest Hits
Released 2001, it features nearly 74 minutes of the songs most requested over the years along with a previously unreleased instrumental cut recorded in 1995 called "Gato".

Play Naomi
Play Gato
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Songs on this album are:
1. Stepping Up/Walking On Higher Ground
2. How Can I Thank You Enough?
3. Naomi
4. Take My Life
5. The 7th Day
6. Song For Jamie
7. Alone/Space Traveler
8. Blues For Isaiah
9. Spiritual Israel
10. Brain Subway
11. She's Got It Bad
12. Gato
13. What Does It Profit A Man?
14. How I'm Gonna Miss You

Click to enlargeSecond Wind
Released in 1997 after a 12 year complete departure from music, which time will not allow me to go into now, I felt the call to once again explore the gift of music I had been given. This brought about my first recording in 17 years. Second Wind is a jazz fusion project with some surprises here and there. It is mostly instrumental. Jazziz Magazine chose the cut "Peaks" as one of the winners of their "Guitars on Fire" contest held in the late 90's. If you like jazz guitar you will appreciate this CD.

Play Second Wind
Play Shoot from the Hip
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Songs on this album are:
1. Blues For Isaiah
2. Peaks
3. Song For My Mother
4. Second Wind
5. I (She's Got It Bad)
6. Jamie
7. Con-fusion Say
8. Naomi
9. Shoot From The Hip
10. My Joy
11. Snakes
12. Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Click to enlargeEnter In
Recorded and released in 1980. Again the same musical style as Waiting For The Rain but perhaps more thought provoking lyrically in it's content. While contemporary Christian music was still developing in the marketplace this album was quite unusual because it had a strong jazz style compared to the pop rock styles of that time. It was never the less warmly embraced by the more musically sophisticated listeners.

Play In You I'm Free
Play Enter In
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. You'll Be Right There
2. Don't Trust Your Feelings
3. In You I'm Free
4. Take My Life
5. Spiritual Israel
6. Make A Joyful Noise
7. Hearken
8. Come Follow Me
9. Enter In
10. What's Goin' On
11. Walkin' In The Light

Click to enlargeWaiting for the Rain
Recorded and released in 1978. While the music was still very much R&B jazz fusion the lyrics boldly reflected my newfound Christian conversion while staying in Hawaii. It shipped world wide because of Space Traveler's success and I received hundreds of letters in support of this record, which had crossed over with a message in secular music that was unprecedented. A year or so later Bob Dylan came out with an album called Saved, which became the second such record.

Play Resistance
Play How Can I Thank You Enough
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. What Does It Profit a Man?
2. Resistance
3. Etude#20/Daniel , Daniel
4. People Of The World
5. How Can I Thank You Enough
6. Soon Comes The Son
7. Waiting For The Rain
8. The Seventh Day
9. Babylon Is Fallen

Click to enlargeCulmination

Play Divinity
Play Controlled Folly
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Brain Subway
2. Divinity
3. Freedom Struggle
4. Duplex
5. Algernon I
6. Plains Of Nazca
7. Algernon II
8. Controlled Folly
9. Declamation

Click to enlargeEclecticity

Play Far Away Places
Play Forever And Never
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Caesars Ensalada
2. Far Away Places
3. Peaches
4. Electrablue
5. Deacon Brown
6. Mixed Signals
7. Forever And Never
8. Euphrates Crossing
9. Dance Of The Woods
10. Dark Star

Click to enlargeMystery Of Love

Play Dear John
Play The Mystery Of Love
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Dear John
2. Eternally
3. I Found You, Bridgette
4. Mediterranean Nights
5. Morrocco
6. One True Love
7. Cat Dancer
8. The Mystery OF Love
9. Revisited
10. You And I

Click to enlargeAorta
Produced by Bill Traut and James Vincent. Originally recorded in 1968. Basic tracks and vocal tracks arranged by Aorta and recorded at Great Lakes Recording, Sparta, MI. Engineers: David Kalmbach and Bryce Roberson. Orchestra arranged by Jim Nyeholt and recorded at Universal Studios, Chicago, IL. Engineer: Jerry de Clercq. Remixed at CBS Studios, New York. Remix engineer: Glenn Kolotkin. Special effects by Bill Traut.

Play What's In The Mind's Eye
Play Strange
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Main Vein
2. Heart Attack
3. What's In My Mind's Eye
4. Magic Bed
5. Main Vein II
6. Sleep Tight
7. Cathatyptic
8. Main Vein III
9. Sprinkle Road to Cork Street
10. Ode to Missy Mxyzosptlk
11. Strange
12. A Thousand Thoughts
13. Thoughts and Feelings (Main Vein IV)

Click to enlargeAorta 2
Originally recorded in Chicago, IL at Universal Studios in 1969. All compositions by J. Vincent/M. Been, except "Willie Jean" (Traditional) arr. by J.Vincent/M. Been, and "Egypt" composed by T. Dondelinger. Produced by James Vincent & Bill Traut. Engineer: Jerry DeClercq. Arranged by Aorta.

Play Little Bonnie
Play Sandcastles
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Willie Jean
2. Little Bonnie
3. Blythe Spirit
4. Beg For His Forgiveness
5. Egypt
6. His Faith In Man
7. Devil, Maggot + Son
8. Sandcastles
9. Pickin' Blues
10. Fallin' Behind

Click to enlargeLovecraft - Valley of the Moon
Originally recorded in 1970 at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco, CA. Produced by Lovecraft. Engineer: Steve Barncard. Mix down engineer: Fred Catero. Personal management: Bill Graham.

Play Lady Come Softly
Play Take Me By The Hand
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Lady Come Softly
2. Hopefully We'll All Remain Together
3. Take Me By The Hand
4. Love Has Come To Me
5. Never Gonna Go Back
6. Brother I Wonder
7. Will I Know When My Time Comes
8. Two Step Tussle
9. The Dawn
10. We Can All Have It Together
11. Dear

No longer available from ItsAboutMusic.com

Click to enlargeThe Exceptions - Collection
Featuring Peter Cetera. All songs originally recorded in monaural using various studios throughout Chicago, and some songs were recorded in only an hour or two, due to shoestring budgets. These recordings were made between 1964 and 1967. For this release they have been digitally re-mastered with simulated stereo sound. Although a "must have" for any Peter Cetera and/or Exceptions fan, most would no doubt agree that these recordings fall far short of capturing the essence of what the band delivered live. This CD is being offered in response to numerous requests from those who remember those live performances, as well as from the many who are just curious.

Play Daydreaming of You
Play Searchin'
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Daydreaming of You
2. Searchin'
3. Come on Home
4. Dancing Danny
5. Holy, Holy, Holy
6. Our Father
7. Lamb of God
8. Lord Have Mercy
9. Glory to God
10. Ask Me If I Care
11. Do-Do-Do-Bah
12. As Far As I Can See
13. The Girl from New York
14. My Mind Goes Traveling
15. Business as Usual
16. Why Do You Hurt Me
17. You Don't Know Like I Know


More about James Vincent:

Raised in the blues-rich south side of Chicago, he studied the methods of B.B. King and Johnny Smith. He fashioned his finger-picking guitar technique after the great Chet Atkins. James continued to perfect his talent and soon was playing in many of Chicago's more well-known clubs. It was while perfoming here that he was asked to join a band known as The Exceptions, originally founded by Kal David, Marty Grebb and Pete Cetera. They soon became one of the most in demand club acts in town. The Exceptions reached their pinnacle when they toured with Otis Redding.

Cetera later left to pursue other avenues, eventually winding up as the lead singer for Chicago. Vincent's talents were much in demand as a studio musician, laying down tracks for Minnie Ripperton, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and many notable Chess Records recording artists.

Along the way Vincent met rock promoter Bill Graham, who at the time was managing a band called H.P. Lovecraft. The band needed a guitar player and Vincent needed a change, so he took the job and moved to San Francisco. Through that project he met Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia, who had just recorded a now cult classic lp called "Hooter Roll" which was well stocked with talented musicians.

Vincent toured with them for a brief time and liked Garcia's laid-back style, but what he really liked was the work of the guitarist for Hooter Roll's opening band, the Mahavishnu Orchestra featuring John McLaughlin. Their fusion style inspired Vincent and once again he found himself spinning in a new direction.

Vincent later signed with Columbia/Caribou Records and recorded four albums, the most successful being Space Traveler with Harvey Mason on drums, Verdine and Freddy White from Earth, Wind and Fire, Ron Stockert on keyboards and Pete Cetera on background vocals. Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire offered Vincent a position with the band while chatting together on a flight back from England. Though flattered, Vincent declined the offer due to his heavy schedule with his solo career and special projects, such as recording an instrumental album with Rufus, recording and touring with the Latin band Azteca, featuring Sheila E. and Neal Schon (later of Journey fame), and performing with Santana, Tom Scott and the L.A. Express and Etta James band featuring Gregg Allman, to name a few.

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