60 Were Enough

Songs on this album are:
1. Control Alt Delete - The Shifter
2. Anthony
3. Fiver
4. Durango '95
5. Palm Beach
6. J.D.
7. J.D.R.
8. Copenhagen
9. Nightshift
10. Transmission 2
11. 84 F

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The 3rd Ear

Songs on this album are:
1. The 3rd Ear
2. Transmission 3
3. Igor
4. The Shifter (duo version)
5. Red
6. Mars Needs Women
7. The Path Of The Shell
8. Transmission 4
9. The Squeezer
10. The Beggar
11. That Is Not For You

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Coming out of Rome, Italy, 60 Were Enough is a contemporary jazz trio consisting of Jacopo Ruggeri on guitars, Luciano Poli on electric and acoustic basses, and Paolo Cavalieri on drums. Their sound is influenced by the newer generation of improvisational, instrumental music, typified by Medeski, Martin and Wood, as well as slightly older sonic explorers like David Torn and Steve Coleman. To label this music as "Acid Jazz" would not quite do it justice.

60 Were Enough remains true to the old school philosophy of fusion from the 1970's and their recordings center around the live performance aspect of the trio, with a minimum of added textures from sequencers, synthesizers and the like, that are pandemic in the majority of today's jazz/electronica crossovers. Like their ancestors in fusion, 60 Were Enough's music is based around complex rhythmic structures: odd time signatures, syncopated bass lines, etc., but this never devolves into a self-absorbed, esoteric and ultimately dry technical exercise. This music is groove based, and it remains something you can feel as well as think about.

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