About Us

Derrick ReevesHello and welcome to itsaboutmusic.com! My name is Derrick Reeves. 

According to the development of music genres, now electronic music is gaining attention and becoming a trend. That means music producers have to cultivate their knowledge one more genre. And nowadays, a lot of young people invest really seriously.  

In particular, there are many meticulously polished home recording studios that are almost at a professional level or more.  

And if you are passionate about making music, there are many layers the first thing to define is to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible such as the recording techniques and studio processing, etc.  

I founded ItsAboutMusic.com with that aim and start with the basics. This will be a place to answer questions, the things you are interested in when making music. 

I hope whatever you achieve here can be helpful to you.