About Us

Its About Music is a website dedicated to building your own home recording studio, choosing the right studio equipment and help people of all skill levels make music.

Our goal is to provide helpful information on how to build your own professional quality home recording studio. From the basics of what you need in your studio to more advanced topics like compression and mastering, we hope that our site will teach you how to create quality recordings with ease.

Derrick Reeves - Founder and Author

Derrick Reeves

I've been a music producer for years and know first hand the struggles of being a young person in today's society, trying to learn how to make music by yourself. They're also bound to mess up along the way- that's just natural!

There are so many things you will do wrong but it is still worth it! Don't give up or let those mistakes discourage you because one day you might just be on your way to greatness.

I founded https://www.itsaboutmusic.com to help new people who want help learning recording techniques and studio processing while also offering courses that teach them how they can produce their own songs using instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards etc., all without needing expensive software programs or equipment!

I hope whatever you achieve here can be helpful to you. 

Jul 1th, 2021 - Theydontwantyouto.win Merges with itsaboutmusic.com

theydontwantyoutowin logo

After years of running separate websites, I and Hazel James (author and founder of theydontwantyouto.win) have decided to join forces and merge both websites under one name - itsaboutmusic.com! It's About Music will be a great information source for anyone who wants to build a home recording studio.

Along with having all the old articles from theirdonwantyouto.win on the new site, we are also adding new content that will be focused on how musicians can use the internet to promote themselves as well as other topics related to music production such as live mixing techniques, sound boards, speaker systems etc.

Hazel James - Author, Raver Girl

Hazel JamesHazel is a raver girl with an obsession for EDM. She loves to rave and has been going nonstop since she was 18 years old. Hazel felt in love with making music in 2018 after a friend showed her how to use FL Studio.

She shares her experience on the blog, where she also posts about different artists and DJs that she likes.

In addition to blogging about EDM, Hazel collects ideas from other bloggers or people who like EDM as much as she does so that they can improve their skills together!

If you are an EDM fan and also like creating your own mixes, join Hazel for some epic mixing fun!