Andre Cholmondeley

A picture is worth a thousand words but still won't accurately describe the music of Andre Cholmondeley. Avant-Garde is as close as we come and even that doesn't do it justice. If you're looking for a psychedlic trip then you've come to the right place.

Enigma With Attitude

Andre Cholmondeley's mind-bending excursion.

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Songs on this album are:
Man is Jivin'
Up Elevator
Newsbyte 1 - Ashcroft
Energy Balancer
Newsbyte 2 - Look On His Face
Straight Outta Dre'
Lhasa Approach
Weaving Train
MLK - Muddy
Fire and Air
Newsbyte 3 - Columbian Police
Red Priest Contaminant
Newsbyte 4 - The Enemy of America
Schizo Disco
Newsbyte 5 - Is There Any Sense In The Streets
Serengeti Mindprint
This Man Is A Man
Archedtexture Vol 1

More artist to follow: Casey Kelly

Dream Of The Dog by Project Object

Featuring Ike Willis and Andre Cholmondeley.

Play Indie Dream-Double-Ya Needs A Blanket
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Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:

1. Towson Dream-Simmons Mask
2. Indie Dreams-Double-Ya Needs A Blanket
3. Indie Dog-Patio Hearn-Itinerary
4. Denver Dream-Vail Attack
5. Denver Dog-The Windmills Of Your Mind
6. Towson Kong-Broken Stolen Kramer
7. Chicago Kong-Bad Frying Pan Memory
8. Eugene Dream-Electrocutive Rain Gig
9. Eugene Dog-Panteez de la Crotchliss
10. La Kong-West Coast Ya Gnome Saine
11. Vail Dream-Vail Attack
12. Vail Dog-Potty Out Of Bounds
13. Denver Kong-Too Young To Have A Back
14. Colorado Dream

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