Top 9 Best Microphone Boom Arm: A Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best microphone boom arm so that you don’t need to strain your neck to reach it. Then keep reading this article.

by Derrick Reeves | Updated: August 16, 2022

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The best microphone boom arm will help filter out the noise in the background by allowing you to position your equipment in front of you. Thanks to the development of technology, many boom arms these days are space-saving, which comes in handy during transportation and storage.

However, choosing the wrong one can bring you a lot of frustrations. Boom arms have limited clip diameter, which means if you have a large microphone, your product may not hold it.

Also, some equipment can run down quickly, and it may become too weak to hold your studio mic, causing an interruption in your work.

Choosing high-quality devices is not an easy task. There are plenty of available options on the market. Many unethical companies try to lie about the quality of their products, making it even harder for you to purchase the suitable one. Thus, keep reading to find the great boom arm for you.

In short, here are the top 5 picked by our editors:


Top 9 Rated Microphone Boom Arm

There are 10 different great boom arms below. The article will give you information about the advantages and disadvantages about these products.

1. NEEWER 40063970 Scissor Arm Stand: Best For Overall

NEEWER 40063970 Scissor Arm Stand

If you are looking for a product with many advanced features, you can think of the NEEWER Adjustable Stand.


  • Include table mounting clamp: The product comes with a plastic mic clip, so you don’t have to spend more money on it.
  • Compact design: It is the foldable feature that helps you to transport the device easily around. You can just fold it, and the NEEWER will not take a lot of space. Also, the weight of it is only 1 pound, making it even easier for moving.
  • Adjustability: The manufacturer also equips the equipment with double-braced arms for adjustability. Now, you can adjust the perfect height and angle for your flawless voice.

One of the useful features of the product is the high-quality steel frame, making it durable and sturdy. Hence, the arm can hold the microphone tightly without bending, and you can use it for a longer period.

Thanks to the sturdy frame, the product allows heavy-duty carry. The product is firmly attachable, and you can use it for families, studios, stages, broadcasting, TV stations, or any stores.


  • The product is adjustable
  • It can carry heavy microphones
  • The price is affordable


  • Clamps can run down quickly
  • Sponge pad is sliperry
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2. InnoGear Upgraded Microphone Suspension Stand: Best For Lightweight

InnoGear Upgraded Microphone Suspension Stand

Do you want to have a lightweight boom arm for easy transportation? If the answer is yes, you should consider the InnoGear with 3/8" - 5/8" Clip for Blue Yeti.


  • Foldable armband: The arm allows you to fold it, which is easy for you to store it. You can also adjust the suitable height and angle for your voice.
  • Heavy-duty steel structure: The producer creates the arm with a heavy-duty steel structure with a super-strong spring and extra positioning screw. Thus, it will make your phone standstill to the position you clamp it.
  • Adjustability: Due to the adjustability, users can rotate it to the angle they like. Using the feature is also easy. Before clamping it, you can loosen the knob.

The product weighs only 1.35 pound, so you can find it convenient to carry the arm around effortlessly. Besides, the device is foldable. Once you fold it, it becomes space-saving.


  • The product can clamp firmly
  • You can adjust the product to different angles
  • It is Lightweight


  • Not a great design for heavy mics
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3. RØDE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm: Best For RØDE Microphones

RØDE PSA1 PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

The product is just right for those who want to clamp the mic in different ways for a firm attachment.


  • Full 360-degree rotation: The equipment can reach 820mm horizontally and 840 vertically, which allows you to move it around on a larger scale.
  • Carry heavy microphones: When using with a shock mount, the arm can supports from 1-pound to 2-pound microphones
  • Versatile mounting: The creator makes the device suitable for different types of mounting by the Velcro cable wraps. You can mount the product via desk clamp and desk insert.

One of the amazing features is the compatibility with different RØDE microphones. The PSA1 can be for no attachment, RØDE PSM1 Shockmount, and RØDE Procaster Microphones.


  • Users can rotate the equipment in full 360 degrees
  • Velcro cable wraps allows versatile mounting
  • Its design is suitable for RØDE Procaster and Podcaster


  • After using for a while, you can notice metal filings on the product
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4. Microphone Arm Stand, TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand: Best For Easy Clip

Microphone Arm Stand, TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand

In case you find clipping a boom arm difficult; you can consider the TONOR Microphone Arm Stand.


  • Flexible adjustment: The device provides 700mm vertical and horizontal distance and full 360 degree rotation. You can easily control it to have a good pickup.
  • Heavy-duty construction: There is no need to worry about the weight of your mic as the product is from durable steel, allowing amazing bearing capacity. The maximum load the equipment offers is 4lbs.
  • Universal compatibility: The tool goes with a standard 3/8" to 5/8" adapter, allowing it to be suitable for different microphones and shock mounts. Thus, the device can fit most mics. However, it is not suitable for the older Blue Yeti microphones.

You will find the product easy to use as it features an upgraded desk clamp, which has 4 times larger contact areas. The equipment can now hold tables up to 2.4'' thick. Besides, to ease the job, there is a headset hook integrated into the device.


  • The bearing capacity is outstanding
  • Its universal compatibility makes it suitable for many mics
  • The upgraded desk clamp enables you to use it easily.


  • The product is not compatible with old Blue Yeti microphones
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5. Upgraded Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand: Best For Bearing Capacity

Upgraded Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

Do you want to have a boom arm that can bear a large weighty mic? Then, you can opt for the Upgraded Adjustable Microphone.


  • Stability and safety: The stability of the arm is excellent. It has dual suspension springs, which can protect the mic from shaking. This characteristic will help record your voice clearly without having any other noise.
  • Foldable: There are two legs with 14.5" for each, so users can extend to 27.6". Thus, you can control the mic to your suitable height.
  • Anti-rust: The electrostatic powder spraying technique makes the equipment to be anti-rust and durable. Hence, you don’t have to worry about humid conditions, making the product run down quickly.

If you have a heavy microphone, worry not. The device features zinc alloy material, enabling it to carry heavy items.

Also, the adjustable scissor arm is from a high-quality steel frame using electrostatic powder spraying technology. Thus, it can weigh mics up to more than 4.4 pounds.


  • The stability is great
  • Rust resistance makes the product long-lasting and aesthetic
  • The product can weigh heavy microphones up to 4.4 pounds.


  • The device is smaller than its competitors (5 x 12 x 18 inches)
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6. Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm: Best For Hidden Channel Cable Management

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm

Of course, you don’t want to get into trouble with tons of cables on the stage, and sometimes you may be fallen on the ground by a cable on the floor. The Blue Compass will help you avoid the problem.


  • Silence: The friction-hinges are hand-tightened, so there will be no noise when you operate the product, even when you adjust the angle.
  • Sturdy construction: The manufacturer utilizes the extruded aluminum to create the equipment, so it can withstand mics with up to 2.4lbs.
  • Aesthetic design: The built-in cables together with the internal springs allows the product to have an aesthetic appearance

The unique characteristic of the product is the built-in cable management. Thanks to the feature, you will not have to spend a large amount of time figuring out what cable you should plug.

Yet it still lets you put your mic where you like it to be. Whether you want to adjust the device to occur or disappear on your camera, the product can still meet your needs.


  • Internal springs allows an elegant look
  • Cable management enables users to plug different cables easily
  • Extruded aluminum makes the product sturdy


  • Strong springs that balance the position of the arm are difficult to tighten down the brackets for stability.
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7. Samson MBA38-38” Microphone Boom Arm: Best For Silent Microphone Positioning

Samson MBA38-38” Microphone Boom Arm

If you want to have a microphone boom arm that does not cause noise when you adjust the position, the Samson MBA38-38’’ is a perfect option for you.


  • 4 options of the maximum arm reach: There are four available choices of maximum arm reach including 18", 28", 38", and 48". Depending on your needs, you can choose the length you desire.
  • Sturdy material: the manufactuer equips the device with the steel construction, which help support microphones up to 5 lbs
  • Sturdy C-clamp mount: You don’t have to worry that your mic will fall when you are using the boom arm. The equipment features a sturdy C-clamp mount, which allows a firm fix to a surface.

The device possesses smooth internal springs, which can provide silent and effortless microphone positioning. Now, you can adjust the device while recording without causing any noise.


  • The arm is highly adjustable
  • There are four available options for arm length
  • Flexible internal springs offer silent and effortless mic positioning


  • Shockmount does not tighten up, so your mic can swing freely.
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8. Knox Gear Professional Microphone Studio Stand: Best For Longevity

Knox Gear Professional Microphone Studio Stand

This Knox Gear is suitable for people who want to have a long-lasting boom arm.


  • Perfect position: It is a suspension boom arm with 360 degree rotation with a two axis swivel mount. Now, you can set the position for your mic and it will stay still.
  • Adjustable and extendable: The gadget is a 30-inch scissor arm, and you can extend it in any direction both horizontally and vertically. You will find the characteristic comes in handy when you want to move the product around.
  • Money-back guarantee: The equipment comes with a year warranty from the manufacturer. You can set your mind at ease when making a purchase.

One of the most interesting functions is that the producer uses high-grade steel tubing for the construction. The structure will ensure that your device will not break, crack, or bend easily. This feature gives you everlasting strength, providing years of usage.


  • The high-grade steel material makes it long-lasting
  • The device is extendable
  • A year warranty comes with the equipment


  • It has small threading for a blue yeti mic
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9. Heil Sound PL-2T Boom: Best For Removable Top And Back Plates

Heil Sound PL-2T Boom

You may sometimes notice that unstable outboard springs can cause you a lot of problems to install. The Heil Sound PL-2T can help you deal with it.


  • Elegant look: The product can also give you a beautiful appearance by hiding the springs inside.
  • Standard C clamp mount: Like other products, this boom stand features a standard C-clamp mount, allowing it to firmly stick to a table or desk.
  •  5/8" threaded mic clips: The equipment suits industry-standard 5/8" threaded mic clips. Thus, the product is suitable for most mics except the blue yeti mic

If you don’t want to spend a large amount of time on cable threading, you can use the product. It is because the device features removable back and top plates. Thus, you can take out the two parts for threading the cables with ease.


  • A standard C-clamp mount ensures a firm lock
  • Removable top and back plates are useful for cable threading
  • 5/8" threaded mic clips makes it suitable for different mics


  • It is not suitable for blue yeti mic
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What Are The Major Buying Considerations?

There are some factors that can affect the quality of the devices. You should read them carefully to purchase the best microphone boom arm.


As mentioned above, if you buy a boom arm, you need to pay attention to the diameter. You need to check whether the device is compatible with your microphone. Different products will have their own diameter limitation.

Therefore, you need to check the compatibility, or your equipment will become unusable. Some brands will clearly state the suitable mic.

For example, the NEEWER Arm Stand can only hold a mic with no larger than 1.26″ diameter and 35.27 ounces in weight.

Build / Material

While microphones need to be lightweight, the suspension boom scissors have to be well-built and sturdy. It must be stable and solid for both standing on the floor or clamping on your desk.

If your product is too light, the microphone weight will make it bend and wobbly. You will need to constantly adjust the mics to the right position as the equipment cannot hold it ultimately. But, when your device is weighty, it is hard for transportation.

The suggested material you should use is solid steel, allowing the microphones to stay still. Also, solid metal can produce reasonable weight.

Adjustability And Portability

Another important criterion is adjustability. You have to ensure that the boom arm can give you full control. It should have swivels and be able to rotate in 360 degrees. This feature will help you set the microphone at the perfect angle for audio.

Rotation is important when you need to record live. Rotating the microphones will help prevent knocking the mic when moving, which can cause undesired noise on the recording.They also need a certain level of stability and balance to keep the mic steady when hung up high. For example, using mic and boom arm overhead for drum recording.

Besides, it is advisable that you should choose an extendable product. The characteristic will come in handy during transportation. You can control the devices or fold them to reduce the space and then carry it around.


There are many types of boom arm bases. Some feature solid bases, allowing them to stand on the floor while others have to be clamped to a desk.

Besides, some versatile boom arms with mounting options can clamp on the table or stand on the ground itself. Depending on your needs and conditions, you can choose the type you want.

Mic Stand Internal Cables

If you use a boom arm, you may notice that it is incredibly inconvenient with many cables used with the micro. You may encounter a situation when your studio is littered with many cables, and you are confused about which ones are attached to certain instruments.

It is why you may need to have a stand pre-fitted with the XLR cables. The stands can hide the cables inside, which enables you to just plug in and start recording. This feature will help get rid of clutter and save a large amount of time.


The devices have a wide range of prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Thus, you should set a budget for the equipment before making a purchase.

If you have a tight budget, you can go for some boom arms with fewer features. However, when you have a lot of money, you can think of products with numerous amazing features, such as the Heil Sound PL-2T.

Benefits Of Owning A Microphone Boom Arm

Better Position

Boom arms can help you position the microphones at the right angle. It comes in handy when you use mics, especially a cardioid type as it helps reduce shock noise. For example, when you place your mic on the same table with a keyboard, it would take all the tap and vibration from the table.


If you are a music producer or a singer, the arms can provide you the ease of moving it around. Compared to traditional mic stands, which are hard to pack up, the boom arms are normally foldable and space-saving. Therefore, you can easily transport the product to anywhere you like.

Some arms can unclip and clip from the table easily. Thus, in case you don’t need to use it, you can just take it out and store it on a desk.

Great For Content Creator

Boom arms can be of immense help when you want to make live streaming and podcasts.

As a trend in social media, content creation has become an asset to producers and bands. Many are trying to host live production on Youtube and Twitch. Having a boom arm could be a bonus point to your podcast and streaming as you can pose with the devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people usually ask. You can read them so that you can have a better understanding of the microphone boom arm.

1. Do I Need A Shock Mount For Mics

It is not an issue if you do not possess a shock mount. However, it is advisable that you should choose a microphone boom arm with shock mount holder. It is because this item can serve as a safety net, which helps protect your microphones.

For example, when you try to hang your mic on a boom arm, the equipment is important to protect the microphone in case of falling.

2. Do I Need Boom Arms?

A boom arm is not compulsory when recording your voice. However, it can be useful and make your job easier. As mentioned, the devices can allow you to place the microphone in a fixed position. Besides, it can reduce shock noise and makes you stylish by posing with the product.

3. What Is The Best Microphone Boom Arm?

A good boom arm should be sturdy enough to carry the mic without any swivel. Also, it should clamp to the desk firmly and be elegant. The recommended product is the NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand.

The product has many features such as heavy-duty carry, folding type, adjustability. Also, the price is affordable and suitable for everyone.

Suggested audio tool: Not just microphone, a lot of important audio equipments can be damaged if the wrong type of cable is used. A XLR cable tester ensures that you are using a proper one by testing it before plugging in to your device. Have a look at our guide!


The article above is the top 10 best microphone boom arms. You can get many benefits of a boom arm, which can help your streaming more interesting and easy.

If you are still confused about boom arms, there are some criteria such as compatibility, portability, adjustability, materials, internal cables, base, and price that you should consider when buying.

Our top pick is the NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand. It has the most advanced features including adjustability, heavy-duty carry, and an affordable price.