5 Best Microphone For Home Studio Vocals

Know what? Recording vocals at home is never that easy with the following best microphone for home studio vocals. Check all recommendations out now!

by Hazel James | Updated: September 14, 2021

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Have a home studio today, and you might create a million-dollar track tomorrow. Who knows? Truth be told, the home creation hub gives you a comfortable zone to bring ideas into real shape.

However, do not start recording without some essentials like at least one microphone and mic stand, headphones, Audio/DAW Interface Combo, a computer, ear training software, etc.

Today, we will look into the very first task: finding the best microphone for home studio vocals.

Our Top 5 Of The Best Microphones For Home Studio Vocals

1. Blue Yeti USB Mics - Best Mic For Studio

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Of all the home recording vocals microphones we have tested so far, the Blue Yeti USB Mic is the most exciting. It comes with many advantages in terms of both design and vocal quality.

At a glance, the heavy metal design with a brilliant large-footprint table stand, which gives off a more sturdy and durable feeling of performance than others at the same price category.

When you look closer, you will find some interesting parts. Take the USB connectivity, for example.

The USB allows you to pack many recording controls, such as pattern switches and convenient dials. This will help in case you require a distant and quiet environment.

Most importantly, the recording quality is vivid and clear because the Yeti is able to vary between four polar patterns through a tri-capsule array, including Stereo, Cardioid, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional.

Notably, the cardioid mode is recommended for gaming, podcasting, webinars, and gaming when you need to focus on the front pick-up pattern. In other words, you can use it for the home studio vocals purposes.

However, you must take note of the extra cost. For example, you need to invest in the relevant microphones and external mixer to make the most use of the mic.


  • Sturdy look
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Multiple polar patterns available
  • No installation required


  • Heavy and less portable
  • Lack of multi-head setup

2. Shure PGA48-XLR Cardioid - Best Microphone For Money

Shure PGA48-XLR Cardioid

The next in the list is Shure PGA48-XLR Cardioid.

Although it is not the lowest-priced dynamic microphone you can find so far, it is still the most well-worth buying when you compare both the price and features.

There are three options with and without the cable, depending on your requirements. However, we recommend the one with 15-ft XLR-XLR cable so that you can use the device almost out of the box.

Not only can you get a microphone at a competitive price, but you will also save money on purchasing the accessories.

Interestingly enough, the sound quality is indeed better than our expectations for an affordable choice - clear and without background noise.

This might be due to the cartridge design that clarifies the standard frequency range and ready-made cardioid patterns to pick up the true audio from unwanted noise around.

Good as it is, we still want the manufacturer to improve the on/off button. Not only does it look cheap, but it is also likely to slide up and down accidentally easily. Besides, the Shure PGA48-XLR is a bit small if you have a big hand.


  • Affordable price for amateur users
  • Clear records without background sound
  • Along with many helpful accessories
  • Easy to use and set up


  • A bit small on your hand
  • Cheap-looking switch button

3. Pyle Dynamic Vocal Microphone - Best Classic Retro Microphone

Pyle Dynamic Vocal Microphone

This Pyle Classic Retro Dynamic Vocal Microphone is not only about quality vocal recording but also by its style.

Back then, in the time of Elvis Presley and Marylin Monroe, the microphone was widely-known on stage because of their beautiful silver experience and retro-style.

Now, you can get the old-fashioned elegance vibe with the Pyle Classic microphone when you need to record a cover video of The Beatles or so.

The microphone by Pyle features the classic silver mental material and big head. You can even adjust the angle as you like.

In terms of recording quality, the microphone features a dynamic mica with a built-in pop shield. This will help reduce the sound of popping because of the fast-moving air.

Additionally, there is a high signal output of 30Hz-15kHz and low-noise circuitry to produce a crystal clear sound.

What to complain about is the plastic mic stand. Hence, you should be careful when you switch or handle the stand.


  • Low price
  • Beautiful retro style
  • Bright and dynamic mica system
  • Built-in pop shield
  • The high signal output and low-noise circuitry


  • Plastic mic stand
  • Not durable over time

4. MAONO USB Condenser Microphone Kit 192KHZ/24BIT - The Top-rated Microphone

MAONO USB Microphone Kit

It makes sense why the Maono AU-PM421 is the best-rated by the consumers. This is a kit, meaning that the microphone is kind of a plug-and-play version.

Besides the AU-PM421 itself, the package also comes with a shock mount, foam windscreen, boom arm, and pop filter. Thus, it is an economical product to start recording your musical career.

Speaking of the recording performance, the Maono AU-PM421 rate is 24-bit/192kHz, which is higher than the Blue Yeti and some others.

Hence, you can expect the recording quality is as good as the more expensive Audio-Technica or Behringer U-Phoria microphones.

It is also easy to set up the kit, although the boom arm might scratch the desk. Not to mention, the clamp is not very durable.

The biggest disappointing feature is the lack of zero-latency monitoring that prevents you from hearing yourself until the recording is completed.


  • A kit with the microphone and accessories
  • High recording rate to catch more sounds
  • Affordable choice in terms of the full kit
  • Easy to set up


  • A not durable clamp that even causes scratches
  • The lack of zero-latency monitoring

5. AmazonBasics Dynamic - Best Budget Vocal Microphone

AmazonBasics Dynamic

Many people ask why they need to invest in a more expensive microphone like some above while they can record vocals with phones or some other electronic devices. However, when you land on this post, we bet you are serious about making tracks.

No worry if the budget is your concern because there are many affordable choices coming in good quality. Take the AmazonBasics Dynamic Microphone, for example.

Rather than investing in exciting features like those of the condenser microphone, this dynamic microphone focuses on capturing sharp and clear sounds and recessed bass.

Thus, we recommend the AmazonBasics Dynamic Microphone in live settings such as recording sessions or musical performances.

We also like the cardioid technology adopted. It is helpful to separate the background noise using the built-in patterns and spherical wind. That way, the producing sound is evident.

Plus, this microphone is quite durable since it is made with a matte enamel finish and zinc die-cast housing. Simply put, the AmazonBasics Dynamic Microphone will not break down after several recordings.

In drawbacks, the sound seems a bit gritty, but it is still acceptable. Moreover, you need to pay extra or an XLR cable to ensure a stable connection because the signal is sometimes weak.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Bright and robust sounds for live settings
  • Durable construction despite the low price
  • Very easy to use


  • A bit gritty sound
  • Additional XLR cable required

How To Choose A Home Recording Sound Microphones?

Many people ask why they need to invest in a more expensive microphone while they can record vocals with phones or other electronic devices. No, you can DJ without turntable but an good microphone would help you a lot.

However, we bet you are not that wondering. As you are even planning for a home studio, you are serious about making tracks.  A suitable microphone will guarantee that you can record like a pro.

Types Of The Microphones For Recording At Studio

There are two types to consider, including dynamic vocals and condenser vocals microphones.

  • Dynamic mics are rugged enough to withstand all rigors during a live performance. When it comes to a home studio, this type is not suitable for singers who sing folks or melodic crooners, though. Simply, the sensitivity of dynamic microphones is limited.
  • Condenser mics are more sensitive to withstand more severe volumes in a quiet space like the home studio. They are also good at handling short-burst transients. Nonetheless, they are more expensive and even more fragile in construction.

Polar Patterns Available

The pattern specifications will reveal how the microphone will receive and respond to the sounds from various directions. The more, the merrier.

Simply put, the one with multiple patterns can receive isolated sounds and minimize the feedback to focus more on your desired recording sounds.

Audio Connectivity

Some microphones come in a full kit of the mic itself and other connectivity accessories. Or, you should at least go for ones that have a compatible XLR connection so that you will not have to pay an extra.

Meanwhile, you can avoid unnecessary hum and interference. Even better, many advanced mics now have USB to connect with other devices more easily.

Wrapping Up

Above is the list of the best microphone for home studio vocals, we hope you have picked up at least one suitable.

In case you still do not know what to choose, we strongly recommend the Blue Yeti USB Mic. This mic comes with all you need for the home studio vocals. Meanwhile, the price is not too high.