Top 9 Best Pop Filters To Filter Out Plosives

Getting a good pop filter can be quite a challenge. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 9 and the reasons we choose them.

by itsaboutmusic | Updated: May 21, 2021

There are many benefits to having the best pop filter, you may just haven’t heard about them. For instance, a high-quality filter can stop moisture from destroying your microphone and consequently, the plosives.

We do want to acknowledge that the market is currently full of low-quality knock-offs. As a result, the search for a valuable product can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if you know what to look for, like durability or mesh tightness, you will still lose lots of time.

That is precisely why we put this list together, introducing you to some of our top picks.

Top 9 Pop Filters to Consider

After going through thousands of options, we were able to narrow the list down to 9 choices. Consider owning a good one for yourself as pop filters will be very helpful.

Auphonix Blue Yeti APHX-MFP-2 Gooseneck Clamp Pop Filter – For Blue Yeti

These days, the Blue Yeti mic has become the next big thing, but it is quite picky when it comes to compatible pop filters. If you do have this mic, we recommend the Auphonix Gooseneck Clamp Pop Filter as the all-around best for Blue Yeti.


  • Dual-layer mesh screen
  • Flexible, fully rotational arm
  • Ultra-secure mounting
  • Custom design for Blue Yeti

Auphonix Blue Yeti APHX-MFP-2 Gooseneck Clamp Pop Filter – Best For Blue Yeti

This pop filter is equipped with a strong gooseneck mount specifically designed to clasp onto a Blue Yeti in seconds. Thanks to this design, there is almost no chance of the mic losing its grip and collapsing into other gears.

The mic shield is a double-layer model, meaning there is no way for any plosive to enter the mic. After all, the plosive must go through the first layer, the air between the 2 layers, and then the second one.


  • You do not have to worry about the pop filter falling into your premium equipment.
  • The double-layer mic shield eliminates all plosives.
  • It is easy to install.


  • We are not impressed with the durability.

Neewer NW-35 Microphone Boom Arm Kit Pop Filter - Great Package

If you are serious about becoming a podcaster, we recommend getting the Neewer NW-35 Microphone Boom Arm Pop Filter. It’s not just a pop filter but also a combination of an arm stand and a mic clip.


  • 360-degree flexible positioning
  • Adapter compatible with almost all mics and shock mounts
  • 3.3 lbs carry capacity
  • Double-layer pop filter

Neewer NW-35 Microphone Boom Arm Kit Pop Filter – Best Package

As we have mentioned, you do not get one single pop filter with this purchase. Instead, you get a package consisting of an NW-35 Boom Arm, an NW (B-3) Pop Filter, and a mic clip. 

The NW (B-3) Pop Filter is quite respectable, as it is made from high-quality nylon. Nylon is incredible at stopping air plosion from getting through - that is not to mention; there are 2 layers.


  • There are many add-ons.
  • The pop filter’s material and design is good against poppings.
  • You get three rotation points, allowing incredible flexibility while adjusting the mic.


  • It is not very sturdy.

Nady MPF-6 Clamp-On Microphone Pop Filter – For Flexibility

If you are prone to changing your mic position, normal pop filters must be increasingly frustrating to use. Worry not; the flexible Nady MPF-6 Clamp-On Microphone Pop Filter can accommodate any position you want.


  • Flexible and long gooseneck holder
  • Multi-positional windscreen
  • All metal construction
  • Extendable bracket

Nady MPF-6 Clamp-On Microphone Pop Filter – Best Flexibility

Most features of this pop filter seem to focus on making it as flexible and customizable as possible. The screen can rotate a full 360 degrees, the bracket is extensible, and the gooseneck is very pliable. 

However, being so flexible does not take any durability away from this pop filter. The main reason for this phenomenon is the fact that the clasp assembly and the gooseneck’s material are made from metal.


  • The metal frame is very sturdy and long-lasting.
  • A 360-degree rotating screen makes it easy to configure your mic.
  • A flexible gooseneck can fit the screen with any mic position.


  • You need to detach and clean it regularly.

InnoGear MU006 Dual Layered Pop Filter – For Anti-Plosive

When your goal is purely about stopping plosives, nothing can beat the InnoGear Dual Layered Pop Filter.


  • Tight mesh dual-layer filter
  • Fully customizable gooseneck
  • Adjustable screw and rotating clamp
  • Hassle-free swivel mount

InnoGear MU006 Dual Layered Pop Filter – Best Anti-Plosive

The cause of this pop filter’s incredible capability to eliminate all plosives lies in the 2 layers of tight mesh. There are filters with tight mesh, and there are even more with 2 layers. However, you rarely see a filter combine these 2 features perfectly.

The clamp is also customizable to fit with almost all types of microphones, from Blue Yeti to FIFINE. All you need to do is adjust the screw to a tight enough fit around the mic.


  • The double-layer tight mesh filter makes it extra hard for plosives to get through.
  • Almost all mics can stably fit with this filter, thanks to the adjustable screw.
  • Its simple design and lightweight ensure easy transportation.


  • You will be disappointed with the flexibility of the gooseneck.

Rode WS2 Microphone Pop Filter – For High-Frequency Details

One of the biggest weaknesses most pop filters have is that they accidentally block out the higher frequency details. That is not the case with the Rode WS2 Microphone Pop Filter.


  • Foam pop filter
  • Transparent filter
  • Offering additional protection for the mic

Rode WS2 Microphone Pop Filter – Best For High-Frequency Details

As it does not use the traditional mesh filter design, the Rode WS2 lets more high-frequency sounds pass. Nonetheless, it can still soften almost all plosives, preventing them from hitting the mic, thanks to the high-quality foam.

This cover of foam also serves as an additional layer of protection for the microphone. In the case of you accidentally dropping your mic, there will be little to no damage to the fragile electronics inside.


  • The high-quality foam still allows certain high-frequency sounds.
  • It provides an additional protection layer for the mic.
  • You will benefit from a long warranty.


  • The build makes it porous and rough.

YOUSHARES 8541753690 Wind Cover Pop Filter

If you use a FIFINE USB mic, it must have been hard to find a suitable pop filter. This issue can be easily solved by getting the YOUSHARES Wind Cover Pop Filter.


  • Specifically designed for FIFINE mics
  • Additional moisture and dust protection
  • Durable material

YOUSHARES 8541753690 Wind Cover Pop Filter – Best For FIFINE Mic

This pop filter has a special design that can only fit with a FIFINE USB mic’s unique shape. Due to this reason, it is simply unchallengeable if it’s specifically the FINFINE mics that we are talking about.

We all know that the delicate electronic circuits within all types of microphones cannot handle moisture. As the filter envelopes the mic completely, there will never be any moisture capable of getting into your FIFINE microphone.


  • A special design provides a snuggly fit for FIFINE USB mics.
  • It can offer further protection for the mic against moisture.
  • The microphone receives another shock-absorbent protection cover.


  • You may not agree with the high price.

Corsair Elgato 10MAD9901 Wave Anti-Plosive Pop Filter - For Wave mics

We believe that the Corsair Elgato Wave Anti-Plosive Pop Filter is suitable for Wave mics due to its custom build nature.


  • 2 layers of steel mesh 
  • Magnetic attachment points
  • Perfect fit for Wave

Corsair Elgato 10MAD9901 Wave Anti-Plosive Pop Filter – Best For Wave Mics

From Wave 1 to Wave 3, there is nothing that this pop filter cannot perfectly fuse with. The secret lies within the magnetic attachment points, as they let the filter tightly lock onto the mics’ latches.

Even one layer of steel mesh is more than enough to stop most plosives from going through, much less 2. With this design, we can confidently say that this filter can eliminate all hisses and pops.


  • It is incredibly easy to set up.
  • You can be sure that it will stop all plosives.
  • It has high durability 


  • It is exclusively compatible with microphones from the Wave line.

Rode WSVM Pop Filter – Great Value

Are you looking for the decent pop filter for people with a budget? Look no further; the Rode WSVM Pop Filter provides the most value for its price.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable construction
  • Good for shotgun and video microphones

Rode WSVM Pop Filter – Best Value

This pop filter makes a strong first impression thanks to its unique shape, as its original use is for video mics. However, thanks to the memory foam, it can also fit with regular microphones.

You also get a replaceable hydrophobic foam enveloping your microphone. Aside from preventing plosives, this foam can also wick moisture from the mic.


  • It can fit with both video mics and regular mics.
  • The hydrophobic foam protects against moisture.
  • You do not have to fork out too much money.


  • There might be problems when the wind reaches 15 mph.

Enabled Dragonpad DPD-POP-BKWT USA Microphone Studio Pop Filter

The thing that sets the Enabled Dragonpad USA Microphone Studio Pop Filter apart is its intuitive design.


  • Universal mount’s innovative design
  • Precise positioning thanks to flexible gooseneck
  • Highly customizable

Enabled Dragonpad DPD-POP-BKWT USA Microphone Studio Pop Filter – Best Design

You no longer need to struggle each time you want to change the filter’s angle to the mic. The material making up this filter’s gooseneck is flexible yet firm, allowing easy adjustment.

We especially love the design choice of adding a tension screw and a unique bracket angle. Together with the C clamp, these two allow you to mount the filter to practically any type of mic.


  • This filter is easily adjustable due to the flexible gooseneck.
  • It perfectly combines many features to provide the ultimate versatility.
  • You can customize the filter any way you want.


  • There are times where it completely blocks all high-frequency sounds.

Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper Pop Filter

People who are not fans of regularly changing pop filters should love the Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper Pop Filter.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Rugged mic clamp
  • Easy to clean

Shure PS-6 Popper Stopper Pop Filter – Best Durability

Every single part of this pop filter is constructed with only one goal, being as durable as imaginable. From the all-metal gooseneck to the rugged microphone clamp and the high-quality mesh, each attribute can survive lots of damages.

Thanks to it having a total of 4 layers, Shure can afford to go easy on the tightness of the screen. That is precisely why the screen of this pop filter is incredibly easy to wash.


  • You can easily wash the filter, removing all traces of saliva or dirt.
  • Its durability is through the roof.
  • The 4 layer screen makes it much more efficient at removing plosives.


  • Nothing but Shure mics can fit with it.

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At the end of the day, we see no demerit in getting a pop filter. You can instead get quite a lot of advantages, the most notable one being the ability to eliminate all plosives. It can also help you in keeping the saliva from entering the microphone.

The main consideration should always be the mesh, as it will decide the filter’s effectiveness. You should never go below 2 layers.

With this requirement in mind, we could determine our choice, the Neewer NW-35 kit. It does not simply provide you with a high-quality filter but also a highly flexible, extended arm.