Best Speaker Wall Mounts For Tech-Savvy Users

Here are some best speaker wall mounts that will give your house a better-sounding system and sleeker appearance. Check out the article to know more!

by Derrick Reeves | Updated: September 12, 2021

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We believe those who come across our article have the same struggle of finding the best speaker wall mounts. The speaker itself is very important - no doubt. But have you ever noticed that no matter how good a speaker is, if it doesn’t come with a suitable speaker wall mount, the sounding quality will not be optimized?

Therefore, looking for the suitable wall speakers bracket for your house can not only save your space but also give back the perfect echo to all the house’s corners. While looking for the wall mount, you might find some that are too heavy or weak, some that don’t pair well with your existing décor, wall layer, and color.

Since there are so many different models on the market, we decided to collect these top 11 wall mounts for speakers so that you can have a better look at your options. We’ve done the homework for you. Let’s dive in!

Top 9 Best Speaker Wall Mount To Bring Home

We have come up with these top 11 products that are quite durable, effective and stylish in the market. Each brand has different strong points and the arrangement of the list also defines their rating.

1. WALI Dual Wall Mount Brackets SWM202 - Best Surround Sound Effect

WALI Dual Speaker Wall Mount Brackets SWM202

We highly praise this product due to its versatile and durable quality. It can handle both the soundbars and small speakers of up to 7.7 pounds. Some users can even use this wall mount to handle TV antennas!

Given this versatility is the durable inner metal construction that lasts up for a long time.

The design of these speaker wall mount brackets is simple so that you don’t have to break any sweat trying to figure out ways of installation. Since it perfectly fits speakers with a single-threaded screw hole, your setup might not need any drilling.

The WALI Dual Speaker can also tilt up and down 20 degrees and swivel left and right 70 degrees, giving users the best sound surrounding experience. By using only one adjustment screw, users can freely alter the speakers side to side at different angles and positions.


  • Wide movement range for surround sound effect
  • Budgeted price
  • Versatile
  • Good metal construction and material


  • Cannot handle heavy speakers

2. VideoSecu Side Clamping Speaker Wall Mounts MS56B – Best Quality Mount For Medium-Size Speakers

VideoSecu Side Clamping Wall Mount MS56B

This heavy-duty construction wall mount of VideoSecu is the second best on the list. The dimensions of 13 inches deep and 11 inches wide can accommodate medium surround sound or bookshelf speakers.

Most users have experienced a simple and straightforward installation. The wall mount comes with screws to fasten the speakers to the side mount and bottom stand.

Since the provided screws are not high-grade material, we suggest using blue tack or double-sided tape, and these will work just fine.

This mount wall allows users to adjust from left to right position, from up to down pitch, so that the speakers can dial in the perfect position to suit audiences.


  • Straightforward installation
  • Well-made, heavy-duty
  • Supporting up to 33 pounds


  • Low-quality screws

3. Bose WB-120 Speaker Wall Mount – Best Center Wall Mounted Speaker

Bose WB-120 Speaker Wall Mount – Best Center Wall-Mounted Speaker


Out of all the wall mounts on the list, this pick is the only wall bracket for center speakers. Being quite a pricey wall mount, Bose WB-120 does not disappoint any Bose speaker lovers.

The only drawback of this product is that it can only be used with Bose speakers, such as Bose Solo 5 TV, Soundtouch 120, and CineMate 120.

This two-piece metal bracket is very clear to install, even though it will require screws and a drill. When you put the soundbar on top of the wall mount, remember to secure the two devices. In doing so, the soundbar won’t be damaged from the vibration.


  • Durable center speaker wall mount
  • Fitting some Bose speakers like a glove
  • Easy to handle


  • Only compatible with Bose speakers
  • Pricey

4. Bose UB-20 Series II Wall Mount – Best Mount For Bose Speakers

Bose UB-20 Series II Wall Mount – Best For Bose Speakers


Our 4th place of the best speaker wall mounts comes to the Bose UB-20 Series II with two standard shades of black and white.

It's very high-quality with cast zinc material construction designed for both wall and ceiling speakers. In other words, it allows both horizontal and vertical adjustment of speakers, giving the audience the best direct sounding system ever.

Just like the previously reviewed Bose wall mount, this bracket can only be used for Bose speakers. While the WB-120 can only accommodate three types of speakers, this wall/ceiling bracket is for all Bose surround speakers, from 2-speaker to 5-speaker home entertainment systems.


  • Quality materials
  • Compatible with all Bose speakers
  • 2-color options


  • Expensive for one mount

5. VonHaus Universal Wall Mount – Best Mount For Lightweight Speakers

VonHaus Universal Wall Mount – Best For Lightweight Speakers


Just like the WALI Dual Speaker, VonHaus wall mount can only accommodate 7.7 -pound satellite speakers.

This wall bracket is very special since it comes in pairs at a much affordable price. Besides, it can swivel up to 70 degrees and tilt around 20-degree angles for optimum sound and vibration systems.

It’s quite universal since it fits all the single-threaded screw-hole speakers. Basically, the bracket’s installation to the wall and the speaker to the bracket is quite straightforward. If you have any experience in mounting the bracket, this task will be just a piece of cake for you.


  • High value for the price
  • Universal bracket
  • Freely adjustment in tilting and swiveling


  • Not compatible for large bookshelf speakers

6. WALI Dual Side Clamping Wall Mount – Best Heavy-Duty Speaker On Wall

WALI Dual Side Clamping Wall Mount – Best Heavy-Duty Wall Mount Speaker


Forget all about the wall bracket that can only sustain lightweight speakers. This heavy-duty wall mount will handle up to 55-pound devices with ease! It can also handle best with large bookshelf satellite speakers’ width between 5.3 to 11 inches.

Weighing only 4.7 pounds, the bracket is built to be mounted on brick, concrete, or stone walls. Its metal construction ensures durable quality while the speaker vibrates freely to the wall.

The WALI Dual-Side wall mount can tilt up and down 7.5 degrees, and swivel left and right 45 degrees to boost a more professional sound system.


  • Accommodating heavy speakers
  • Great metal construction
  • 10 years guarantee


  • Quite pricey

7. VideoSecu Bracket For Speaker – Best Mount For Installation To Wall 

VideoSecu Bracket For Speaker – Best For Installation


VideoSecu products deserve to be mentioned twice on this list since they come with reasonable prices, premium quality, and easy operation. This wall bracket is best suited for those who wish to own a high-quality speaker hanger but still maintain a simple and straightforward installation.

The problem might be the speaker size that fits this wall mount. It’s suitable for ¼-inch 20 threads and holes speakers of 4-5 mm.

As for the installation process, you will attach speakers to the right holes, tighten the screw of the ball to the attachment post, then hold the bracket to the wall, and adjust.


  • Hassle-free installation process
  • 360-degree rotation and 180-degree swivel
  • Suitable for 10-pound speakers


  • Not a compact metal arm bracket

8. Mount-It! Speaker Mount – Best For Different Speaker Sizes Mounting

Mount-It! Wall Mount Speaker – Best For Different Speaker Sizes


There is nothing more excellent than finding a wall mount for speakers that can fit nearly all types of speakers in the market.

Not only that, the weights that this wall bracket can handle are quite impressive at 55 pounds. The minimum width of speakers that it can handle is 5.3 inches, while the maximum size is 12 inches.

In other words, it can fit almost all brand’s speakers, such as Bose, Yamaha, Polk, Sony, Onkyo, etc. Mount-It! is very thoughtful to its buyers when putting a rubber pad protection on the base so that both bracket and speakers won’t get damaged.

The solid steel and ABS cover creates a strong look for the equipment, which best suits those looking for a durable wall mount.


  • Compatible with all speaker’s sizes
  • Accommodating up to 55-pound speaker
  • Great construction and design


  • Unclear instruction for installation

9. Echogear Wall & Ceiling Bracket For Speaker - Best For Compact Size Speaker Mounts

Echogear Wall & Ceiling Bracket For Speaker - Best For Compact Size


When it comes to design, the wall mount from Echogear cannot be missed from the list. This wall bracket is best suited for both the wall and ceiling surface of your house.

The compact size and 1-pound weight offer the low-profile speakers to be presented anywhere around the house’s corners. It is the biggest advantage of the Echogear wall mount.

What’s more? It’s also highly recommended to be used as an outdoor speaker since its materials are made from weather-resistant and nylon construction. If you have a big yard or garden, it’s time to party with these wall mount speakers!


  • Can be put outdoor
  • Compact design
  • Impressively lightweight
  • 120 degrees rotation


  • Not for heavy-duty speakers

What To Consider When Buying The Best Speaker Wall Mount?

Now, you might have lots of questions on how to choose the best wall mount speaker since there are tons of them on the market.

Forget all the reviews that praise all kinds of products. We want you to focus on the factors that will affect your buying decisions, such as the size, weight, placement, types of speaker, installation process, etc. Why are these factors important? Here are the explanations.

Size Of Speaker

Size is the first and very common mistake consumers may trip over.

Normally, we often encounter customers who bought speaker wall mounts even before purchasing the speakers. And the result is that both products do not match in size, which leads to wasteful investments.

What to keep in mind is the keyhole adapter size. It is the mounting point that connects the speaker to the bracket. Products of different brands and models will have different sizes, so be attentive.

Weight Of Speaker And Wall Mount

Have you ever calculated the possibility of the wall speakers dropping down to your head while you’re watching TV? That thought has always lingered around our heads, especially when the carrying weight of the mount is low.

Some can only hold up to 7.7 pounds or even less than that. If you want to add an extra level of safety to your home’s sounding system, it’s better to purchase the ones that can support a pair of heavyweight speakers.

Speaker Placement

Here comes the nerve-breaking part. After purchasing the best speakers and its suitable wall mounts, your job is to find a perfect spot to position these new additions in your home. Why does this relate to choosing the speaker wall mounts?

Because one part of the wall layer of your house might be different from other parts, poorly placing the speaker will also affect the sounding experience. You may want to consider your sitting position, television size, the distance of the side speakers from the TV and center speaker, etc.

Deliver your experience in the best way by carefully considering the position and wall mount options.

Type Of Speaker

This factor depends on your needs and budget. You will have various options to choose from: small to big, center to side speakers, satellite to bookshelf speakers, etc.

Based on the speaker choice, you can look for the most compatible add-on, such as non-rotatable or rotatable wall brackets.

Installation Process

We believe most of us love to have things done by our own hands. And obviously, we don’t expect to have some very complicated installation process from the wall mount speakers.

Normally, the procedures are quite simple. You only need some basic tools like screws and a drill, and you’re set!

What Benefits Will A Speaker Wall Mount Bring?

Wall mounts for speakers will maximize your audible experience that you often listen to at the theater. It does not only save the floor space but also gives a modern vibe to your home.

As we all know, the minimalist is the trending living style that this young generation often pursues. Of course, we’re not trying to go after any trend, but having a wall mount will vitalize the house’s furniture and fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should I mount my speaker to the wall?

That is a very good question.

The position of mounted speakers will determine your experience to absorb the sound, vibration, echo, etc. If you’re browsing through your house, looking for the right position, my advice is to place at ear height.

It would be much better to install the speakers on both sides of your room and remain one meter apart from the sidewall.

2. Is the ceiling better than the wall speakers?

This factor depends on your room size. If your corner is not very spacious, the wall mount speaker is your best option. It saves the aesthetics, surround sound, and room for other furniture.

On the other hand, ceiling speakers are best for multi-room systems, where you wish to get the utmost natural and realistic sound from the device.

3. Can I use a soundbar wall mount for my side speakers?

We recommend not to. The soundbar wall mount is often designed to have great width and length dimensions; therefore, a short heavy-duty side speaker is not compatible.

You can substitute the ceiling and wall mount to each other since some of them can accommodate both positions at ease. Even on this list, we have 3-4 wall brackets for the ceiling and wall.


Looking for the best speaker wall mounts will not be a challenge if you know exactly what you’re looking for initially.

Do not blindly choose the most beautiful design or the heaviest bracket; your speakers will speak up about its needs. Carefully consider the size, installation process, and the holding weights of both speakers and wall brackets.

By owning one of the products from these notable brands such as Vonhaus, WALI, or Bose, you will be able to protect the sound and enjoy the optimal musical image and timbre.

We’re looking forward to seeing your specific choice and favorite. It’s time for shopping!