Bill Quateman

When I first found the first album by Bill Quateman way back in 1972, I immediately fell in love with Bill's song craftsmanship and his addictive vocal style. The emotion and intelligence of this record still wear extremely well. This is a record that has seen more plays on my turntable (now CD player) than most of the albums that came out after 1972. With its counterparts, namely the first Loggins and Messina, Carl and the Passions, "Saturate Before Using" by Jackson Browne, the first Graham Nash/David Crosby album, "Bare Trees" by Fleetwood Mac, the first amazing album by Aztec Two-Step, "Ennismore" by Colin Blunstone, "Wind of Change" by Peter Frampton, "A Good Feelin' to Know" by Poco, the first Eagles album, "Harvest" by Neil Young, "St. Dominic's Preview" by Van Morrison and the first LP by Dan Fogelberg, the debut from Bill Quateman shines like a well lit diamond.

Songs like "Circles," "My Music," "Only Love," "Take Me Home" and "Keep Dreaming" have worn their way into my memory forever. Now that these songs are finally available on CD, perhaps this record will receive the notice it should have gotten more than 30 years ago.

And now, the long lost second album which was never released on vinyl in 1974 when it was recorded, is also available - this time, and for the first time, on CD. It picks up where the debut album left off and does so in a way that makes perfect sense when compared to Bill's records released from 1977 through 1979 on RCA. Of course, we've had 30 years to absorb the first album, and not very long with the second, but the talent and emotion come through strongly on this CD. It won't take 30 years to appreciate it.
- Dean Sciarra -

Bill Quateman - Songwriter, Author, Performer

From the age of 14, Bill Quateman, a native of Chicago, played a variety of music around the Windy City, and began performing in clubs and coffeehouses in the early 1970’s.

In 1972, Quateman was signed to Columbia Records as a special project of legendary music impresario Clive Davis, who was responsible for signing music legends Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Janis Joplin and Sly and the Family Stone. There, he began building a devoted fan base following the release of his debut album, “Bill Quateman," which led to critical acclaim and national tours. Bill subsequently recorded for RCA Records and his classic albums included: "Night After Night," "Shot in the Dark," and "Just Like You."

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Throughout his career, Quateman has attracted an impressive list of fellow artists. David Sanborn, James-Newton Howard, Ron Wood, Paul Buckmaster, Ken Ascher, Buzz Feiten, Caleb Quaye and Davey Johnstone (both from Elton John's bands) and Michael McDonald are just some of the musicians who have worked with Bill in concert or in the studio.

Almost twenty years after setting his performing career aside to raise his family, Bill Quateman made a long awaited and triumphant return to performing in 2000, playing to SRO crowds. Reviewers have consistently noted that Quateman has always generated an instantaneous bond between himself and his audiences. It has been said of his presence: “Bill Quateman is in a category all by himself.”

A prolific writer, Quateman’s on-going theme is the many pathways of true compassion and the mysteries of the human heart. He touches on these central human issues through his multi-media humanitarian projects under the auspices of Angel Mind ( His CDs are available at Bill enchants and inspires as he masterfully weaves music and story to bring attention to the simple yet profound lessons of fulfillment we find when we take care of and have affection for each other.

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Multi-talented, Quateman has also collaborated with his now 9-year-old daughter India, on a book about how to have single parent fathering and blended family life work well. “Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance,” a book with music CD, is published by Angel Mind (