What is The Best Free DJ Mixing Software 2022?

Make your own styled music, share with your friends and have a lot of fun. With the top 10 free Dj mixing software, you can do that without paying a penny.

by Hazel James | Updated: February 9, 2022

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Finding the right DJ mixing software can be a real challenge, especially if you're not familiar with all of the options.

There are literally hundreds of programs out there that claim to help you mix music, but finding one that's actually worth your time and money is no easy task.

We've put together this list of free and best DJ Mixing Software so that you'll have a solid resource for learning about each option available today. With these reviews it will be easier for you to find the program that's perfect for your needs!

Free DJ Mixing Software - Top List You Can Consider Experiencing

Magix Digital DJ

Magix Digital DJ

Ranked #1  in the list, Magix Digital DJ is a powerful software.

It provides everything you need to mix your songs. No matter how your songs are imported, from iTunes or the hardware, just drag them into playlists and work on them. With powerful tools and exclusive technology, Magix Digital DJ won’t disappoint you.


  • Automatic recommend song when it’s missing from your DJ configuration
  • Manage your songs easily with new manager wizard
  • Add Snap and Quant for loop for a better soundtrack
  • Perfect rhyme recognition


Now, let’s go to the #2 rank,  PCDJ Dex. This versatile software is better than you think. I think you should check out for yourself what it can do for you:

  • 4 DJ Decks for professional purposes
  • Over 100 DJ Controllers enables you to create different styles of sound
  • Insert text, subtitles directly in the video
  • Automatic Key Detection for better performance
  • Realtime font changing in playlist or browser

Hey, if you’re thinking of downloading it immediately, please don’t do that. Keep reading, you won’t regret!

Mixvibes Cross

Mixvibes Cross is an effective and simple mixing software. With 4 DJ decks, 2 8 slots templates and 14 different effects, you can do anything you want with it.

djay Pro

After Mixvibes, I want to show you another software, it’s djay Pro. Not only audio mixing like previous tools, but it can also mix video as well. You can create a lot of music with over 50 supported MIDI controller and XDJ or CDJ of Pioneer.


When you want to “mix”, think about Mixxx. Like other software, it has BPM, key detection and Sync, supports many Dj controller.

The difference between Mixxx and other DJ software is the simplicity of the GUI, you won’t need any tutorial to use it, trust me! This software appeals to people who are beginners and don’t want something complicated.

DJ Mixer Pro

Do you want to be a pro DJ? Use MJ Mixer Pro! This #6  software brings you an interesting experience when you work with it. It enables you to import and export music in many formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, etc.

Fully available for Windows, macOS, it’s a perfect choice for clubs, home or any place you can play music. Moreover, you don’t have to be a professional to use it as its interface is really easy to control.

DJ Deckadance

DJ Deckadance​

Why don’t we look at  the 7th software on the list? Its interface is not for people who want to go further because of the simplicity. You can install more plugins with the built-in plugin manager for more features.

Although it has a simple interface, it can perform better than you think. Moreover, it is totally free so you can download and try  without any payment.

Cross DJ Free

Okay, it’s #8 rank: Cross DJ Free. I have a surprise for you: Cross DJ and Mixvibes Cross are products of Mixvibes Studio!

So, basically, they have the same perfect precision. But, using Cross DJ is much easier than Mixvibes Cross.

One thing special about the product of Mixvibes Studio: it is compatible with both Windows, macOS, and even IOS or Android. You can mix, play music anywhere, anytime by using your smartphone with installed apps, that’s cool right?

Virtual DJ

This is my favorite software: Virtual DJ.     If you don’t know why, here are the reasons.

Firstly, the interface is really amazing. The dark theme combined with red and blue controllers and the metro display will make you feel like a pro DJ.

More than the appearance, this tool will amaze you with its built-in features. With 4 or more custom decks, multiple effects and sample, karaoke supported, it will meet and even exceed your expectations.

Finally, it’s the thing I like the most. Each soundtrack will be exported in many formats without changing its quality.

ClubDJ Pro VJ

Are you ready for the final software? Now, I present to you, ClubDJ Pro VJ!

You are a professional DJ and need a reliable assistant? You are a beginner and want to improve your skills? Use ClubDJ Pro. Honestly, this software has everything you need.

But, why did I rank it #10? The answer is the license. The free version of ClubDJ Pro has only 25 minutes for every launch. It means after 25 minutes, you have to re-launch the software to continue using it.

Now, What Should You Do With Those Free Dj Mixing Software?

Okay listen to me, it won’t take so long. So far, I have shown you 10 free Dj mixing software used for both beginner and professional players. In my opinion, each of them has good things and bad things.

So, why don’t we try them all? Believe me, it’s worth. It’s time for me to go, see you in the next post!