Gary Harris

About Gary Harris:

1957 - Gary was born in Hampton Virginia as an identical twin. Gary and Larry were both musically inclined.

1967 - During this year living in Maryland, Gary's older brother Darcy Harris taught Gary the basic fingerings of the Saxophone. During that school year Gary learned to play Clarinet in Elementary Band.

1969 - During this year Gary's family moved to Jerusalem. The saxophone was shipped along with the other house- hold things. There was no Band class offered in Jerusalem, so Gary just played his saxophone only by ear.

1973 - After returning from Jerusalem Gary continued to play Saxophone by ear. During this year Gary's Uncle Bob Marshal asked Gary if he would play with his band "Bob Marshal and The Crystals". Not knowing how to read music his Uncle Bob would have Gary come to band rehearsals early to listen, and learn the horn lines of James Brown, Kool and the Gang, Commodores, and other Soul, and R&B; groups. Gary played with his Uncle until he graduated High School.

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1975 - Gary graduated Bethel High School. After 3 years of playing with Bob Marshal And The Crystals Gary decided to go to Norfolk State College to Major in Music/Media. This Major was designed for Students interested in a performance Degree. It is actually a double Major in Music Performance, and Mass Communication.

1982 - Gary graduated from Norfolk State University. During his tenure it was very difficult for Gary because he had to learn how to read music. This meant taking a lot of remedial music courses that had zero credits. Gary was very determined to learn all he could. He took private saxophone lessons from Rudy Wooten. Gary was also helped by other great saxophone players. Phillipe Fields spent hours helping Gary with his playing, reading, and, writing music. Steve Wilson and Gary became great friends. Gary and Steve would practice together for hours late at nights.

1983 - Gary was now a member of US Army. Serving as a Saxophone Player in the United States Army Band. His first assignment was in Missouri where he met yet another Great Saxophone Player. Chris Burnett who at that time was Sergeant Burnett. Chris took Gary to a new level of playing and writing music. Chris was always there for Gary and he is still here to this day.

1993 - As a United States Army Bandsman Gary was ordered to serve in South Korea. This is when a lot of musical things started happening for him. Gary started playing saxophone with Turbo on Korean television Pop Music shows. This lead to appearances on Music Videos with Turbo and other famous singers in Korea. Gary worked with renowned artist: Park Jin Young, An Jae Wuk, Position, and Lea. During this time Gary did countless TV Shows, Music Videos and Concerts with a variety of Korean Pop Artist. Gary was also working as an Actor on many of the Korean television shows. First there were no speaking lines, but eventually Gary was given short lines to say. Then came the big break SBS asked him to star in a leading role on their drama series Park Pong Su. It was a big success, however the US Army called on Gary to go back to the United States to South Carolina. Gary spent a year and a half in Korea and was bound for the US. After a year and a half in South Carolina Gary made some phone calls to come back to Korea once again.

1996 - Gary was now back in Korea this time only to stay. Immediately when he came back Gary made contact with all of the people he had worked with before from 1993 - 1994. It was as if he had never left Korea. Lots of Artist called for his musical talent. Artist like SES, Kim Jong Seo, Park Sang Min, Kiju, and others. Gary wore two hats that of an Army Bandsman by day and Professional Musician by night and days off from the Army Band.

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1999 - This year Gary got another big break. He approached an independent record company Monk Munch that featured at that time only local Korean talent in their Magazine/CD package. Monk Munch gave Gary a chance to now record his original music. Gary teamed up with a famous Korean guitarist Tommy Kim. The CD was named Gary and Tommy and it was a big success.

2000 - Ricky Martin came to Korea to do a concert on KBS television. Gary was called by Sony Records to play Saxophone as a member of Ricky Martins 3 man horn section. Also during this year Gary went back to Monk Munch to see if he could do a second CD Gary was given the thumbs up for his second CD. This time Gary would record with an all American Band. His second CD is titled Funky "G" Saxman which also did very well on the market.

2002 - This was a great year for Gary. Retired from the Army Band and living and working as a full time musician in Korea. Gary now performs days and nights all over Korea, Seoul - Busan.

2003 - Gary now has his own Home Digital Recording Studio and is currently working on his third CD. After the CD He plans on opening up his Home Studio business for demos and recordings of other Artist.

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