Gary Ogan

After the breakup of Ogan & Lamb in the mid-'70s, the folks at Paradise Records were astute enough to know that Gary Ogan had the chops to make this very smart album of pop-soul music produced by Gary, Greg Bramson and none other than Leon Russell. In days when the likes of Stephen Bishop were climbing the charts, this album was completely missed. Oh well - at least it's here for you today.

Songs on this album are:
1. Make Me Sing
2. The Road
3. Wonderland (Take It Away)
4. Sold On You
5. Nothing's Right When Love's Gone Wrong
6. Foolish Love
7. Over And Over
8. Everybody Wants Your Love
9. Once More For Me
10. The Road At Stains

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Songs on this album are:
1. Cool Is Still Cool
2. Til The Next Time I See You
3. Wouldn't You Say (Life Is A Gas)
4. Which Way
5. SHame, Shame
6. Friends Until The End
7. Long Way From Running Out
8. Foolsrush Inn
9. I Love You A Lot 11. You Are My One
12. Cool Is Still Cool (reprise)

Let Go The Heart

From 1982 comes this completely indie album of pretty cool soul pop.

Songs on this album are:
1. Never Say Never
2. Into My Heart, Out Of My Mind
3. Don't Burn Your Fingers
4. Held In Your Arms Forever
5. Roadrunner
6. Talk
7. The Wonder Of
8. Can We Go Together (You and I)
9. Lovemaker, Jawbreaker
10. Let Go The Heart

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A collaboration of various voices from various artists all singing the songs of Gary Ogan.

Songs on this album are:
1. Too Many Changes
2. Mean Streak
3. The Lovin' Kind
4. Keeping An Eye On You
5. Boomerang Boy
6. The Phase
7. Sweet Dreams of Love
8. Lonely Fall
9. How Come You So Ugly
10. Espionage
11. Be That Way

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