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Gentry Bronson has been called many things including “Tori Amos with testicles”, “punk rock poet pianist”, and “a young Tom Waits”. And after just a few years, Gentry has proven himself as a pop craftsman, dazzling showman and captivating pianist often compared to Billy Joel and David Gray.

Gentry began playing piano at age 7, won several MMTA awards for piano performance by the end of junior high school, started singing in his first punk band at age 15, and moved to the U.S. West coast a week after his 18th birthday. He tried his hand at jazz, spoken word, and DJing, before returning to what he knew best: telling a story with his music and laying everything on the line while on stage.

In 2000, he won three NCSA awards. Then, in 2001, Gentry found a group of sidemen and created the Night Watchmen project, a band that combined the late night worlds of rock, jazz, pop and cabaret.

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Since 2001, driven by his DIY ethic, Gentry has independently released six records - as a soloist, with the Night Watchmen, and with multi-instrumentalist Dave Hoover.

In 2006 alone, Gentry has played shows in California, Washington, Minnesota, New Mexico, and the Netherlands. His dramatic and soulful performances receive rave reviews nearly everywhere he plays.

Gentry is not slowing down. At the end of 2006, he will release a 3-part alternative rock record called “No War”. He is now planning his 2007 tour.

"Gentry Bronson can see the future of the music business, one in which he hits it big without selling his soul to a big recording company."
- Dan Fost, San Francisco Chronicle

"Gentry Bronson is a gem, an exceptional talent. I wish I had the correct words to tell you of his talent and his dramatic skills as he sings and plays the keyboard and captivates his audience. He isnąt just singing and playing, he feels his music, his arms and hands wave, flinging in the air gracefully. The audience seemed under his spell."
- Lucia Whitney, Bread & Roses

“Like Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” Gentry Bronson lays it on the line with every word he utters while seated in front of his piano, his fingers rolling deliberately across the keyboard as he sings. In addition to talent and skill, Bronson also has vision, and a certain kind of wisdom that comes forth whenever he sits down and begins to play.”
- Gregory Pleshaw, author of “The Collapse Of Time”

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"Gentry's music covers the waterfront of beautiful losers and missed connections. His work is more generally accessible, though, even though it weaves in and out of traditional singer-songwriting, jazz and blues."
- Staff writers at

"Gentry Bronson is part poet, storyteller, and pianist. At first listen you're immediately taken in by his amazing gift on the piano, beautiful, stunning at times. But with each passing verse, you suddenly realize it is Gentry's voice and phrasing that is driving you. At times, reminding you of a young Elton John or Billy Joel. With the raw strains of a Mike Peters or Tom Waits - perhaps all of them at once - while always retaining his own sound. Using rock, jazz, blues and soul as his main vehicle, Gentry Bronson delivers like few others can."
- Lee Tyler Post, Rock N Soul Productions

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