How Can You Become DJ Without Having A Turntable? - Magic Ways To DJ-ing

How can you become DJ without having a turntable? - One of the most significant concerns of a DJ mixer. Read on and find out a satisfying answer for yourself

by Hazel James | Updated: June 30, 2021

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Turntable or vinyl has long been famous for its role as the “father” of mixing music. However, taking up a DJ career with a decent turntable usually requires the DJ a long time to acquire necessary technical skills.

Also, a music product made by a turntable usually takes much time and money to complete. Are there any other alternatives to the DJ world? How can you become a DJ without having a turntable?

Fortunately, there is a new modern way for you to start digging into the world of electronic music. Let’s have a look now!

How Can You Become DJ Without Having A Turntable?

Digital DJ - A New Way To Enter The Electronic Music World

Digital DJ is a new approach to all the DJ dreamers, with a more reasonable price and a simpler start.

Bringing along all these outstanding offers, the digital DJ comes to town to help you explore all the features of DJ-ing such as fast transitions, flexible reverse, and master all the mixing skills needed.

To become a competent DJ mixer, you are still required to master all the fundamental skills.

These learning sessions should concentrate on being gig-centric. It’s advisable to focus on the toolset, the software, and the effects you want to bring to the tunes. You don’t want your mixture to be plain, emotionless with terrible, awkward drops, do you?

The songs getting synced and the software are two of the pivot factors that require hours of practice. The songs demand your patience, meticulousness, and of course, a sophisticated sense of sound.

When it comes to the software, there are a few things that we can help you with. There have been hundreds of apps and software specially designed for digital DJs. We will help you single out some tops picks for a comfortable head start.

Best DJ Equipment To Replace The Turntable

Digital DJ Controllers

A digital controller bears much resemblance to a turntable, but in a smaller version. Therefore, it is much more convenient for DJ mixers to travel around with this compact device.

The digital DJ controllers, which are wired with laptops, are pretty versatile, so you would not need CDJs and turntables anymore.

Some mixers can find it disturbing with the latency resulting from issues with the laptop or MIDI settings. However, this flaw can be minimized to some extent depending on the brand you get .

So if you want to go for a turntable-like gadget, this device will be an excellent option.

Digital DJ Controllers


CDJs were prominent on the DJ market during the late 1990s for its high flexibility in syncing the tunes. The memory storage attached to the CDJs makes it much easier for you to choose your favorite beat.

However, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, the hot cues are on the left side instead of being in the bottom section as usual. Moreover, they are the only function modes, unlike the performance pads.

Secondly, the library browsing is placed on an electronic display, and you can search for tracks by pushing the button on your right hand. Finally, the jogwheel adjustment allows the DJ mixer to diversify the spinback speed. So, try taking notes of these features!


Ableton Live

Ableton Live is famously known as a DAW equipment for producing music tunes. However, since Ableton Live entered the DJ market, this small handful of gizmo has made itself a real game-changer.

It offers an unlimited pro in beatmatching and crossfading.

This musical instrument also changes the way DJ mixers work on their tunes nowadays. It drives loops and chords in reverse to create a brand-new, improvisational melody. With Ableton Live, the DJ mixer can bring unique, exciting vibes for the music feasts.

The Ableton Live is so well-liked that you can see it on any trending TikTok videos of famous music producers. Most importantly, it is user-friendly and easy to learn and navigate.

Ableton Live


Traktor is a perfect combination of the classic way of mixing and the modern vibe. You can freely set up cue points and create mashups that have been so familiar in CDJ units.

Moreover, it enables you to “see” the tunes through the display, thus supporting you to stay precise and meticulous.

Learning to use the Traktor is not such a challenging task because its design and function are pretty much like the digital DJ controllers. There are hot cues, sound libraries, and other mixing features for you to explore.

Or else, you can start with the online Traktor program on Ipad to get acquainted with it first, which can be used solely or paired with other equipment.

Virtual DJ

Last but not least, the virtual DJ brings a whole new experience where you would need no brick and mortar equipment.

All you need is a laptop and a mouse for music production. One of the most exciting features of the virtual DJ is that it allows you to make exciting mashups from both sound and images.

It might be a little weird at first, but if you live on a tight budget, it could be one heck of an option! Moreover, the virtual DJ only shares the same function and operation as the usual digital DJ controllers, which won’t be a problem for you to learn.

Virtual DJ

Now your job is to get one best studio monitor and start mixing.


Not having a turntable doesn’t mean that you can’t sign in for a seat in the electronic world since there are always other alternatives.

In this case, it is the digital DJ. With decent knowledge about the digital DJ world, you can sync multiple tunes and create delicate melodic compositions.

People argue about the presence of the digital DJ, but in the end, it is still considered as the wind of change in the music world. It is a fast, easy way for any beginner DJ. Most importantly, it is somewhat less expensive than a turntable.

Hope you guys enjoy this post and have the answer to the question “How can you become DJ without having a turntable?” yourself!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to my next sharing!