The Itinerants


"The Itinerants are a monster band--I love the music!"
-Dave Uosikkinen - The Hooters

"The Itinerants are awesome . . . great songs, great arrangements."
-Rich Reed -

"The Itinerants mix a taste of the Celtic, turn-of-the century, working-class attitudes with a modern, toe-tapping energy to make everyone feel good. They're a mix of equal parts Pogues and Allman Bros. but with a ton of Asbury Park thrown in."
-Dean Sciarra -

are the brainchild of Eric Parker and Pat Robinson. Robinson was recording an eight-track demo of One, Two, Three Time with Johnny Byrne as his producer and Parker playing drums for the session. Byrne thought so much of the track that he sent it to K-Rock’s Vin Scelsa. Vin featured the song for several weeks on his well-known Sunday evening radio show Idiot’s Delight. Robinson and Parker formed The Itinerants to record Robinson’s other tracks and to collaborate on several others. The new CD, Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?, can compete with anything you hear from the major labels. It’s all that good.

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Each track has a distinctive edge. “We love all kinds of music,” says Parker. It shows. One track has one flavor while the next is borrowed from someplace completely different. The Itinerants know how to make it their own.

Pat Robinson fronts the band on keyboards and accordion. “There comes a time when you realize what makes you happy,” says Robinson. “Writing music that other people can relate to. When someone says to you, ‘I have felt the same way’ or ‘I’ve been in the same situation,’ it means a lot,” Robinson continues. “It’s all about connecting with people.”

Eric Parker is the drummer for The Itinerants. His credits include Lou Reed, Bonnie Raitt, Ian Hunter, Joe Cocker, and Steve Winwood’s Arc of the Diver tours, to name a few. His recording know-how was vital to the project. On many of the tracks, Parker changed the rhythm completely. “Get the right guy for the right job,” says Robinson. Eric Parker is the perfect drummer for the many styles of The Itinerants.

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Rich Blacker is the guitar wizard that you hear all over the CD. Blacker, along with virtuoso Mark Dufault, creates a lead and rhythm section for the tracks that hits like a train. “Blacker has a way of creating lead solos that you can’t wait to here again and again,” says Robinson. “You find yourself singing along to them. He can change his style to fit the different kinds of music The Itinerants play. Dufault has a rhythmic style that competes with anyone out there. He takes the compositions and makes them his own.”

Keith Lentin is the newest member of The Itinerants. He an accomplished bass who has toured with, recorded with, and produced recordings for such artists and groups as Blondie Chaplin, Spider, Parlor Dogs, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Anton Fig, Sid McGinnis, Steve Holley, and Chris Spedding. His home town is Cape Town, South Africa. The Itinerants agree: he is a welcome addition to the group.