It's Only Roy

Rick Bell & Michael Lanning

A long time ago, on a really screwed up planet far, far away, two guys from separate lives grew up together with a true passion for pop music with a good hook, a separate peace and an honest feel for the trueness of the realness. You know, that kinda stuff. But that’s a tale for another time. They didn’t meet up in this lifetime on THIS planet until their early adult years when Rick Bell (an assumed name) moved his band, Wire and Wood, out from Philadelphia, Pa. to California. The details are hazy after all this time but as far as anyone can recollect, Jiva (Michael’s band) and Wire and Wood played a gig togther at the legendary Topanga Corral. Both bands were very impressed, one with the other and so decided to play more gigs together at The Corral and other venues in the L.A. area. At one point, they started putting the two bands together in a sort of a grand finale, learning several Beach Boys songs in the process. Rick and Wire and Wood eventually moved back to Philadelphia.

Recommended music: 4 Way Street

That was then, this is now.

After many years, phone calls and correspondence with Michael, Rick found himself back on the Left Coast chasing rodents and a dream that WOULD NOT DIE! Well, let’s just say he had a burning talent/ passion for expressing himself thru music. Michael, on the other hand, was teaching metal shop at a retirement home when a mutual friend told Michael that Rick was back in town. They hooked up right away, started writing songs together for an evil publisher whose name you can look up someday in the Book Of Hades. They wrote songs for movies, television and had it tucked away in the back of their minds that they would someday make their own album. On their journey to do just that they wrote several songs for producer/ roots rock legend Dave Edmunds, The Stray Cats and French recording star Sylvie Vartan, not to mention a bunch of artists who never saw the proverbial light of day. After much deliberation, they decided the day had finally come to make their own album.

That was 'phlelph' years ago.

Hey, give ‘em a break! Shit happens, O.K.? So what if an earthquake swallows you and spits you back to Philly? So what if your institutionalized for extreme mental illness? Hey, it happens. Get over it. The point is that the album is finally here.

Artists to follow: James Vincent

Art Is On Vacation

From the Beach Boys replicated tribute to Carl Wilson entitled "Gentle Soul" to the pure pop of "Yes, Yes, Yes" to the rest of this inspired album, It's Only Roy is one huge treat.

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