Jan Garrett

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Jan Garrett is first and foremost a jazz singer.....velvet voice, educated musical ear, improvisational spirit..... which means that if she forgets the words (as she is wont to do in the heat of the moment) she can make something up and it will be OK. This gives her deep peace of mind. Astrologically her moon is in Leo, making her quick to discreetly mark off a little personal territory in center stage, while at the same time fully revelling in collaborating and playing WITH other people. In fact, her greatest joy is to "disappear into the music," which is why you often see her wearing clothes in emergency day-glo colors.......

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Her cameleon-like tendency to fall in love with whatever great musical style she happens to get close to has seen her through the blues, decades of folk mania, jazz, country music, big band swing, soul, all eras of classical, celtic and assorted old-timey & bluegrass bands, even toning and chanting. As a rule, she does not "write" songs. They come upon her and take over her mind & body for random intense periods, and if she is lucky, both she and the music come out whole and decipherable on the other side. It is a mysterious, private, and holy process. If someone were to offer her a great deal of money, however, she could be persuaded to focus and produce prolifically like the true professional she is.

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Jan Garrett is a professional speaker, musician & jazz singer, songwriter, recording artist, teacher, performance coach, parent of twin daughters, and self-proclaimed alchemedian who lives with her beloved husband J.D. Martin in Los Angeles and Colorado. She has recorded and toured with John Denver, Steve Martin, and the Dirt Band, and has appeared on "The Tonight Show," and in the Rolling Stone "Who's Who in Rock & Roll." (Tiny little print.) A student of meditation for over 25 years, she teaches workshops on "Authentic Voice," "Playing It By Ear," and "The Wild Woman Archetype," and is a powerful mentor in inspiring and encouraging people to discover and fully express who they really are.

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