Nektar - A Tab In The Ocean - Deluxe Edition (Double Disc)

Beginning in 1969, Nektar was always on the cutting edge of Progressive Rock. Europe picked up on their music first but the USA was close behind when the band's third album became their first American release - Remember The Future. "A Tab In The Ocean" preceded it in chronological order but Nektar fans have adored it for decades. And this new pressing along with the bonus disc "In The Beginning" (recorded in 1969) is sure to bring a smile to the faces of Nektar fans everywhere.

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Nektar - Remember The Future - Deluxe Edition (Double Disc)

When this album was first released in 1973 it was the first time most of America heard Nektar. The album went to number 5 on the Billboard charts and Nektar was a hit in the States after becoming quite popular in Europe. The original release contained only two songs - Remember The Future Parts One and Two, adding up to more than 35 minutes of music on two sides of the LP. Those original tracks along with LIVE versions of both and an entire LIVE performance recorded in Brazil (where Nektar is bigger than Pink Floyd) are included in this deluxe edition of the album - all for the price of a single CD. The sheer brilliance of Remember The Future has endured all these years and is indeed proven with this release.

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