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Nektar - A Tab In The Ocean - Deluxe Edition (Double Disc)

Deluxe two CD edition of this 1972 Prog Rock classic including a bonus disc of previously unreleased material is only available from

Beginning in 1969, Nektar was always on the cutting edge of Progressive Rock. Europe picked up on their music first but the USA was close behind when the band's third album became their first American release - Remember The Future. "A Tab In The Ocean" preceded it in chronological order but Nektar fans have adored it for decades. And this new pressing along with the bonus disc "In The Beginning" (recorded in 1969) is sure to bring a smile to the faces of Nektar fans everywhere.

Songs on this album are:
Disc: 1
1. A Tab In The Ocean
2. Desolation Valley/Waves
3. Crying In The Dark
4. King Of Twilight

Disc: 2
1. New Day Dawning
2. Do You Believe In Magic
3. Candlelight
4. Gooday
5. The Life I've Been Leading
6. Where Did You Go
7. Sealed With A Kiss
8. Our Love Will Last Forever

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Nektar - Remember The Future - Deluxe Edition (Double Disc)

When this album was first released in 1973 it was the first time most of America heard Nektar. The album went to number 5 on the Billboard charts and Nektar was a hit in the States after becoming quite popular in Europe. The original release contained only two songs - Remember The Future Parts One and Two, adding up to more than 35 minutes of music on two sides of the LP. Those original tracks along with LIVE versions of both and an entire LIVE performance recorded in Brazil (where Nektar is bigger than Pink Floyd) are included in this deluxe edition of the album - all for the price of a single CD. The sheer brilliance of Remember The Future has endured all these years and is indeed proven with this release.

Songs on this album are:

Disc One
1. Remember The Future Part One (16:35)
2. Remember The Future Part Two (18:58)
Bonus Tracks
3. Remember The Future Part One - LIVE (16:11)
4. Remember The Future Part Two - LIVE (19:27)

Disc Two “Vivo Niteroi” (LIVE in Brazil)
1. A Tab In The Ocean (15:37)
2. Desolation Valley (12:53)
3. Cast Your Fate (5:15)
4. The Debate (7:48)
5. Man In The Moon (7:32)
6. Good Day (6:27)
7. Woman Trouble (6:08)

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Space Opera - Safe at Home

Brand New from Space Opera!

Back in the early 70s around the time that Space Opera was recording their first amazing album, the band recorded a bunch of tunes that never quite made it onto the debut LP. We raided their divine archive and came up with an album of material that certainly rivals their first. Mastered under the supervision of David Bullock here's what we like to call "Safe at Home" - a new release of songs from the 70s with all the "Byrds meet XTC" sound you've become addicted to. This is one for (and from) the archives.

Play Singers & Sailors/Father
Play Over and Over
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Singers and Sailors/Father
2. Journey's End
3. Fly Away
4. Singers and Sailors
5. Country Max (alt version)
6. Unless I'm Gone
7. Marlow
8. Over and Over (alt version)
9. Psychic Vampire
10. Bells Within Bells
11. Still Life
12. Caledonia
13. Snow Is Falling
14. Play It Rough
15. Squeeze Play

JD Malone & The Experts - Perform

By popular demand we are releasing the LIVE 75 minute performance from July 12, 2011 that had previously been available only at shows. This is a 24 track digital recording engineered and mixed by Grammy Winner Phil Nicolo who also recorded, mixed and co-produced "Avalon." This album features 7 new songs.

Play Silver From
Play Nobody But The Night
Play Saints and Sinners
Play She Likes
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Silver From
2. Just Like New
3. Fortunate Son
4. Sweet Evil Things
5. For You and I
6. Window Painted Blue
7. Weight of the World
8. Do What You Can Do
9. No Matter What You Have Heard
10. Nobody But The Night
11. Emerald Lake
12. Saints and Sinners
13. Farewell to a Hurricane
14. Avalon
15. She Likes


JD Malone & The Experts - Avalon CD + DVD

The first full-length album by JD Malone & The Experts was produced by JD, Dean Sciarra & Grammy Winner Phil Nicolo. It was recorded at Studio 4 from April 6 thru April 22, 2011 and was released on July 12th, 2011 containing 13 new recordings plus 5 bonus tracks on disc 1 along with a DVD dicumentary of the band during the recording of "Avalon."

Play Silver From
Play She Likes
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Silver From
2. Still Love You
3. Leave Us Alone
4. She Likes
5. Sweet Evil Things
6. Just Like New
7. Avalon
8. Black Yodel
9. Ballad Of Mr Barbo
10. Fortunate Son
11. Do What You Can Do
12. Emerald Lake
13. Emmit Meets a Demon

Bonus Tracks available only on CD

14. Just Like New (Radio Edit)
15. Silver From (LIVE)
16. I Think It Was a Monday (LIVE)
17. She Likes (LIVE)
18. I Should Have Known It (LIVE)

Disc Two - DVD of the band LIVE in the studio.
Track 1 - Silver From LIVE
Track 2 - I Think It Was A Monday LIVE
Track 3 - She Likes LIVE
Track 4 - Just Like New LIVE
Track 5 - Black Yodel LIVE
Track 6 - Still Love You LIVE
Track 7 - I Should Have Known It LIVE

The Gathering Britannia - The Bridge Between

The first album from The Gathering Britannia is a wonderful collection of tunes written, performed and sung by some of the most elite members of British Folk. If you're a fan of Lindisfarne or any of the bands they all come from then you're sure to love this album.

Play Fire On The Line
Play Don't Make Me Old
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Fire On The Line (4:19)
2. Lady Eleanor (5:14)
3. Deep In The Darkest Night (4:45)
4. Don’t Make Me Old (4:48)
5. This Has Got To End (3:52)
6. I Don’t Want (5:40)
7. For Shame Of Doing Wrong (4:15)
8. Rocking The Dog (4:06)
9. Back On Your Own Again (4:30)
10. False Hands (Across The Table) (6:12)
11. Kings Cross Blues (4:10)
12. Brampton To Roadhead (4:03)

Pyewacket - 1967

Here it is - the first of the Pyewacket recordings. If you like this CD please let us know and we'll release more music by this wonderful "band." We have, what else, "1968" waiting in the wings. But for now please enjoy the best melding of The Beatles and The Byrds I've ever heard.

Play I Thought
Play Together
Play Why Me
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Together
2. I Thought
3. Tears For A Shadow
4. Love For Love
5. And If I Do
6. I Am The Sky
7. I Can’t Know Why
8. If I Really Cared To
9. Torn Paper Tom
10. The 8th Moon
11. Reflections In Crystal Springs
12. Today, Tomorrow & Always
13. Why Me
14. The Journey Is Over Now
bonus track:
15. You Were On My Mind

With each copy of "1967" you buy we will include this very cool Pyewacket button/pin:

Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny - Ebbets Field 1974

Now Available on CD and for download

Here's a magic recording of Sandy Denny, Jerry Donahue, Trevor Lucas, Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg & Dave Mattacks captured live at Ebbets Field in May of 1974. This recording was mastered by Jerry Donahue of Fairport so you know it will sound pretty cool.

Play Down In The Flood
Play It'll Take a Long Time
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Solo (5:04)
2. Hexhamshire Lass (2:35)
3. John The Gun (5:12)
4. Fiddlestix (2:46)
5. Dirty Linen (4:07)
6. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (7:15)
7. Sloth (13:23)
8. It’ll Take A Long Time (6:18)
9. Matty Groves (10:04)
10. The Medley (8:29)
11. Down In The Flood (3:50)
Total Time 68:31

Dino Valenti - Get Together

The Lost Recordings Pre 1970! {Special Offer}

Who'd a thought that we'd ever uncover lost Dino Valenti music and that it would be this damned good? And when I say "lost" - I really mean it. The tapes used to form this album were found in a storage unit in northern California by some very nice people who just knew that this music was valuable without even hearing the tapes. They figured out how to reach Dino's son, Joli and the rest is history in the making.

This CD marks the very first time that a Dino Valenti album offers his own recording of his song, "Get Together" (made more than famous by The Youngbloods). It also features covers of "Midnight Rider" (Gregg Allman) and "I'll Try Something New" (Smokey Robinson) which are both stellar performances. But the true gems on this album are the original tunes that were recorded back in the early to late Sixties. How did this stuff survive all this time and sound so cool? And since this stuff had been literally lost, we really don't know who's playing on it besides Dino but some of these songs sure sound like Quicksilver Messenger Service - you decide.

Special Offer ONLY from owns the exclusive license to these recordings - thus when you see it for sale anywhere you can rest assured that Dino's family is getting paid. That's most important to us. But if you buy the CD at Amazon or in any physical CD store, you will not get a FREE 2nd CD of bonus tracks from this album along with a Dino Valenti button/pin like this

when you buy this CD from us - you get the 2nd CD and the button with your order. The 2nd CD will be packaged with the full album as a double disc. You knew there was a reason you liked us - right?

Here's the music - just listen to this brilliant album!

Play Get Together
Play County Fair
Play Ain't That A Shame
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Get Together (3:02)
2. One Thousand Miles An Hour (4:42)
3. Ain’t That A Shame (9:31)
4. Silver Dagger (5:12)
5. Strange World (4:30)
6. I’ll Try Something New (3:19)
7. Star Rider (3:38)
8. County Fair (13:09)
9. Crossroads (3:50)
10. Everybody Knows (3:13)
11. Midnight Rider (2:48)
12. The Letter (4:57)
13. That’s How It Goes (3:59)
14. To The End Of The World (2:51)
Total Time: 68:32

Barry Goldberg - It's All My Vault

As for this album, the story is that Barry took a look around and found that he had all of these tunes just laying around in his "vault" so he turned them over to so that all of his fans could now enjoy them. We hope it's only volume one of this series and that he has many more tracks collecting dust that we can release in the future.

Play Never Too Late
Play Slip and Slide
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. After You've Gone (Empty Blues)
2. Holy High
3. Special Sauce
4. Never Too Late
5. Slip and Slide
6. Blue Dreams
7. Rollin' On
8. Goodbye, So Long
9. Rock It
10. Goin' To Chicago (LIVE)
11. Crazy 'Bout You Baby (LIVE)
12.You Gotta Move (LIVE - Terry Reid Vocals)

Mark Clarke - Moving To The Moon

The first album from the veteran bass player from Colosseum, Uriah Heep and Natural Gas (with Joey Molland of Badfinger and Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie) has been a long time coming. After 40 years of his friends and fans asking for a solo album - here it is. And it's a masterful collection of extemely well recorded and performed tracks that rival any from the bands he's played in.

From the opening track right through to the closer this album begs to be listened to over and over again and even memorized note for note. I've had the pleasure of hearing it more times than most people would hear almost anything in their collection and it keeps getting stronger with each listen. We're very proud to be the exclusive distributor of this album from one of the nicest and most talented guys in the world.
Dean Sciarra -

Play A Cowboy's Song
Play One Of These Days
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. One Of These Days
2. A Cowboy's Song
3. Without You
4. Modeleine
5. You Save The Day
6. The Falling
7. Heaven and Hell
8. Movin' to the Moon
9. Then Forever Comes
10. A Little Something

Natural Gas

All new digital remastering

I know that all the Badfinger fans out there who actually know this record were very disappointed in the Renaissance Records version that was released in early 2010. It sounded terrible and the artwork looked like a second thought, haphazard scan of the LP. I personally have remastered this record and it now sounds perfect - as it did when it was first released. And the artwork looks cool too.

Play Little Darlin'
Play I've Been Waitin'
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Little Darlin'
2. Once Again, A Love Song
3. You Can Do It
4. I've Been Waitin'
5. I Believe It's Love
6. The Right Time
7. Christmas Song
8. Miracle Mile
9. Dark Cloud
10. St. Louis Blues

Michael Stanley - The Hang

It seems like I keep saying this every time Michael releases a new CD but true is true - and it's true again that he's made another fantastic 23rd album with "The Hang."

Michael says,“I think it would be fair to say that this is the 'darkest' album I've ever made as it was conceived during a particularly daunting eighteen month period in my life...but, that being said, I also think it's a testament of hope and to the power we accrue from those we chose to have at our side on our journey.”

Play From Somewhere Else
Play Breaking Down
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. From Somewhere Else
2. The Last Great Illusion
3. How Many Guitars Do You Need
4. Breaking Down
5. When It Don't Come Easy
6. Fait Accompli
7. A Damn Fine Way To Go
8. Wonder Wheel
9. Down In The Suck
10. Back In The Day
11. Martha
12. Romeo & Juliet
13. Another New Year's Eve
14. The Hang

Michael Stanley - Shadowland

My god man! Is there any end to Michael's energy? He just keeps on churnin' out the albums like a man on a mission. And the old saying (and Michael Nesmith album title) The Hits Just Keep On Comin' applies here as well. Michael is only hitting his stride and rockin' harder than ever. You go boy!

Play It's All About Tonight
Play My Brand New Day
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:

Fran King - My Sweet Elixir

For fans of many mainstay pop stars like Paul McCartney, Harry Nilsson, Crowded House, etc. Fran King's music is the pinnacle of pop. With a vocal style that is smooth as butter and a song style that get's in your senses with little effort, Fran is the Man!

Play All About Me
Play I've Got A Feeling
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. All About Me
2. The Note
3. Father and a Son
4. I've Got a Feeling
5. Don't Hide Your Love
6. Fools Gold
7. My Sweet Elixir
8. Chasing Stars
9. No Remorse (I Feel Every Word)
10. Til I Die
11. Upstream
12. Turning Of The Tide

Healing Sixes - Bluejay

"Great new release from Healing Sixes, the Indianapolis blues-rock band that is a favorite of Joe Bonamassa. In fact, the song Fine Time features Bonamassa, and has gotten a lot of local airplay ... for good reason. Bands like Healing Sixes keep cranking it out in the Heartland, and this new release confirms they are worthy heirs to the legacy of ballsout rockers like Grand Funk Railroad We're an American Bandand Bob SegerLive Bullet, leavened with the type of originality represented by the Black Keys Brothers and the Avett Brothers Live, Volume 3."

Play Fine Time
Play Move On
Play Samples of the entire album

Songs on this album are:
1. Bluejay On The Wrenhouse
2. Fine Time (Feat. Joe Bonamassa)
3. Super Hot
4. Move On
5. System
6. Walked Away
7. Grass And Gasoline
8. You Want It?
9. That's Alright
10. End Of Always (bonus track)