Paul Adams


This album was made as music for healing stillness. Paul's background in Ethnomusicology has encouraged him to jump out of the traditional Native American scale while utilizing scales and approaches birthed from his own eclectic interests.

The Neurons - Dance

Paul Adams and his compatriot Dave Hoffman join forces again to bring us this earthy collection of world/jazz to make the clouds go away. Dance is a combination of all the stuff we want to hear when we've just had enough of life's troubles. It grooves and soothes. Just listen.

Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds

When you need to go to that quite place just to think or to feel like you've disconnected from the world, this is the place you're looking for. With an uncanny ability to seam together the world's most interesting instruments, Paul Adams creates a panorama of subtleties to sooth the savage in anyone.

Wonder Dancing On Global Bop

Paul has a "heady blend of world fusion that leaps from the African Flamenco grooves of A Night On The Moors, to the ethereal evocations of Gamelon Nights, and the aboriginal bombasts of Kalahari. Along with the Gypsyesque and poetic Les Joueurs, Adams paints an astounding musical journey both serene and inventive!"

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Various Waves

A melodic blend of acoustic and electronic music that beautifully connects elements of Etherial, Folk, Ethnic, and Nature. It was rated in the Top Five, and called "the sleeper album of the year!" by Musical Starstreams Radio (The largest commercially syndicated instrumental radio program in America!). Imaginary voyage radio on NPR says, "the concept is brilliant... feeling shifts from song to song offering a variety of moods with a seamless continuity!"

A View From The Plain

A stunning portrayal of the prairie that takes acoustic music into uncharted territory. "Full bodied flamenco, southern dobro blues, a touch of Jazz, moving hymns, and low down funk is punctuated by a remarkable variation of Pachelbel's Canon ( beautifully done with guitar, Harmonica and strings. )." The album has reached radio's TOP TEN in Toronto Canada and Heartsong Review Magazine called Adams' work "a delightful and beautiful album whose musical intensity is awesome!'

In The Land Where I Come From

Paul's album brings beat, song, and poetry together with "bop" and mysticism. The range runs from Jazz to ethereal Tibet, and offers one a sense of swing and hope, that runs through time and space. Dave Hoffman blows an absolutely phenomanal trumpet over Adams' scat poem I Wanna Dance and Kit Watkins' ( From Happy The Man and Camel ) magical solo on the tune Cowboy ( Adams' "ode" to old progressive rock masters. ) is like an elf on ice skates. Other guests include Dr. Kyle Gregory who also blew some great horn, Doug Knecht on mandolin , and Mark Smith on drums and percussion.

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The Property of Water

"This album is built of contrasting elements reconciled in musical harmony. Natural and electronic sounds, water waves and sound waves, instruments of silicon and instruments of wood. This is music motivated by love of the power of sound, not by love of power over sound. Very restful !! Peaceful!! Headphones recommended!!"

Paul Adams - This Christmas

An acoustic guitar holiday, decorated with lovely finger style guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer. Imagine "It's a Wonderful Life" serenely painted fom the plains, creating a rural ambience gentle in mood. These traditional songs are a unique yuletide decoration of sound that deeply touches the heart.

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