To be honest, until recently all I knew about this band was that they had released at least one LP back in the 70s - and I knew this because I'd seen the LP in cut-out vinyl bins, but never bought a copy. How stupid was I? But about a year ago, one of our fabulous fans at recommended that I add this unheralded LP to our Vinyl Archives page so that other music fans could hear it, so he sent me a copy on vinyl and I immediately fell in love with the sound of Sand.

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If you're a fan of Buffalo Springfield and the vocals of Richie Furay and Stephen Stills then you are most likely going to eat up this music with a spoon. But Sand's music goes beyond all that and has its own identity - and one that keeps me coming back for more.

Other artist's playlist to add: Bill Quateman

On its original LP release, this record made history in that it was released on two LPs even though it is one LP's worth of music. This was done so that fans in 1973 could play the full album without turning the record over to hear side two. I suppose that marketing concept didn't quite cause enough of a stir since Sand is to this day still a minor cult fave. But don't let that deter you from hearing this music. It has become one of my favorite bands and I'm certainly happy to include them on the roster at - Dean Sciarra