Terry Lee Hale

Terry Lee Hale - The "Unofficial" Biography

I am a guitar playing, singing songwriter. I play nylon, 6 and 12 string guitars and the Dobro. My influences lean heavily in the country and blues domain but of course rock & roll is mashed up in there as well. I pretty much have my own style these days if one can really say that kind of thing. I mostly work with fingerpicks and almost exclusively in open tunings with all of the guitars. I have 10 Cd's released in Europe, most of them on the German Glitterhouse label. I tour over all of Europe as a solo act but I've also had full Euro-tours with electric bands from the Czech Republic, France and America. My latest project is with 3 other American songwriters (Joseph Parsons, Todd Thibaud, Chris Burroughs,) and we call ourselves Hardpan. Our first CD was released in July 2002 on the European Blue Rose label. My newest solo release is also on Blue Rose and was released in March 2004. This record was recorded and mixed with Croatian musicians in Zagreb.

On the personal side: I was born an army brat in 1953 in San Antonio, Texas and, as is usually the case, ended up in 10 schools in 10 different cities. After high school in Yakima, Washington I set out for California and continued from there to travel in the States learning to play guitar and how to write songs. I have worked as a carpenter, truck driver, farm and ranch hand, cook, laborer, bar tender, booking agent and various other occupations to support myself, my daughter (I was a single parent) and my music.

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I started playing guitar seriously around 14 years of age and I bought my first acoustic guitar around that time as well. I have lived and traveled extensively in America and since 1993 (the year my first CD was released) in Europe as well. I currently keep a house in Seattle where I have lived since 1984 but most of my time is spent writing and touring in Europe. While in Europe I reside in France.

My daughter is now 25 years old and I'm the proud grandfather of their 5-year-old girl. Currently I enjoy reading, writing, movies, chess, good food and drink, live music and friends. I still love to travel and for the past 8 years I have been fortunate enough to make a living as a performing and recording musician.

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Terry Lee Hale
March, 2004
Monchy-Breton, France

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