The Jesse Brewster Band

Press Release:


November 17th, 2004, Mill Valley, CA.

Jesse Brewster, local Bay Area musician known mainly for his funk and rock guitar riffs, has crossed over into the role of musical front man with the debut of his new solo record, Confessional. Jesse has been a fixture in several local bands in the past decade, and now branches out on his own as a singer songwriter. The project is a benefit to raise money for the PKD Foundation. PKD stands for Polycystic Kidney Disease, and is the most common hereditary disease worldwide, affecting more than 600,000 Americans alone. Surprisingly, it remains widely unknown. "I produced this record because I felt that I could educate people about PKD as well as raise money in the process by using music as an educational tool." Jesse hopes that his contributions will raise social awareness and funds for the foundation and ultimately find a cure. "This illness has affected my life profoundly, as it has millions of others."

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After losing his brother, Jim, to the disease in 1998, watching his father battle for years with complications, as well as being a sufferer of PKD himself- one could say Jesse plays as if his life depended on it.

True to its' definition, Confessional is a heartfelt grassroots endeavor that is expressive without sounding contrived. The record spans stylistically from acoustic to alternative rock to R&B; and is woven together into a seamless thread that draws the listener in. The songs are written with an integrity that is seldom found in today's mainstream music, and feature an impressive array of talented Bay Area musicians. "Making the record has been the most positive creative experience I've had; when you're working for a cause, the whole recording process becomes a labor of love. With the amount of talent and time that was generously offered to my vision, I feel truly blessed."

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The record has a release date of Tuesday, December 14th, and will be showcased at Sweetwater in Mill Valley, California on Saturday, December 11th at. Other local West Coast talent-musicians Heather Powers (who sings one of the tracks on Confessional), and Gentry Bronson will be performing with their respective bands as well. Jesse hopes that the cause will draw people in and the music will keep them: "When you're given the gift of music, what better way to use that gift than to help others? After listening to Confessional, one can only agree that it should certainly succeed in doing just that.

Sweetwater is located at 153 Throckmorton Ave. in Mill Valley, (415) 388-2820. The show starts at 8:30pm, and tickets are $15 or $25 including CD.

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