1979 was a very good year. Or so Norman Mershon and Mark Kreider would say. That was the year that they had a Top 40 hit with the song, Such a Woman. From that point on, it all kind of went down hill. Clive Davis started screwing with their sound and the next thing they knew, they were without a label.

By the time they figured out which way was up, New Wave had taken over the minds of the big labels and Tycoon was left out in the cold. Always perceived as a Foreigner copy-cat (which they were not), Tycoon went off to record their third album without the help of a major label. This album, "Opportunity Knocks" is available exclusively here for the first time.

Tycoon - the debut album

features the top 40 hit from 1979 - Such a Woman

Tycoon - Turn Out the Lights

The 2nd album from 1981 with 2 bonus tracks.

Tycoon - Opportunity Knocks

The long lost 3rd album that is available only thru Classic Music Vault.

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