Wasa Express

About Wasa Express

Sweden ain't just Bjorn Borg, Volvo, Polar bears and Blonde babes! It's also the home of scandinavian jazz-rockers WASA EXPRESS. Inspired by mahavishnu orchestra, return to forever, Pink Floyd and progressive music in general of the 70's, Wasa Express has made up its own brand of music: "Psychedelic jazz trance ". Jazz from the improvisation, psychedelic from the unexpected twists and turns of the rock element and trance: “'cause that's what we're in when we play!"

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“Ake Eriksson is the drummer. a powerhouse of arms and legs, beating the hell out of his drumkit! inspired by Billy Cobham and Alphonse Mouzon . “ they were my heroes when I started out, and still are! “ Bo Hallgren, affectionately also called "Old man rock ", handles the keyboards. Bo just turned 58, but that won´t stop this jazz-rocker from giving his synthesizer a good work over. Ken Sundberg, bass, and Thomas Berglund, guitar make up the rest of WASA EXPRESS.

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WASA EXPRESS will appear at this year's SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL June 11th, so if you happen to be around Solvesborg, in the far south of Sweden. Why not drop by for some genuine jazz-rock! You won´t be disappointed.

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