What DAW Does Deadmau5 Use

Among hundreds of mixing and mixing tools, What DAW Does Deadmau5 Use? What's so special about them and are they professional tools.

by Derrick Reeves | Updated: October 11, 2021

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Deadmau5 is a big name in the EDM scene and if you are an aspiring producer or just want to learn more about his process, it can be difficult finding what DAW does he use. 

I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now. After doing some research on this topic, I have found an answer to this question!  

He uses Ableton as his main software. He also uses other VST plugins such as Serum by Xfer Records, Reaktor 6 by Native Instruments, Massive by Native Instruments, and many more…  

I have created this list so that anyone who wants to learn more about Deadmau5’s production software will have access to it. 

This article contains everything that he’s currently using as well as links where you can purchase them online. Keep reading if you want to know more about his gears! 

What DAW Does Deadmau5 Use? 


Ableton DAW software

Deadmau5 uses Ableton as his main DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It’s the same software that Skrillex and Flume use. 

His signature mouse head was made in 3D Studio Max using a reference video from “Short Circuit”, which has been referenced multiple times by Deadmau5 on his social media accounts. 

Bitwig Studio 

As we all know, Deadmau5 is a multi-Daw user. He uses different DAWs and tools to create his sounds. 

He says that Bitwig gives you more control than Ableton. 

Deadmau5 uses Bitwig because it can manipulate VST parameters which makes it great for sound design.  

Bitwig Studio is a DAW that possesses impressive control and versatility. This makes the software stand out from other notable DAWs on the market. 

Steinberg Cubase 

Deadmau5 uses Cubase for his live shows. This is his second choice of DAW after Ableton. It’s also one of the most popular DAWs in the industry.  

Ableton can be good for both live performances and composing. Cubase is more into composing, it allows you to both audio recording and composes MIDI.  

Deadmau5 has discussed Cubase being better than Ableton. Especially about the latency. 

Avid Pro Tools 

Deadmau5 regularly switches his choice of DAW depending on the specific needs. 

Deadmau5 has mentioned using Pro Tools on his social media accounts and in some videos. 

Avid Pro Tools is a professional-level DAW that's been used by notable DJs and producers.  

Pro Tools is a recommended DAW if you want to have total control over your sound such that you can shape it in any direction during the mixdown process. You can write map MIDI or produce complex sounds with it. 

The only downside is the price; it would be considered expensive by most home producers. 

A free version is available if you would like to try it. 

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What VST Plugins Does Deadmau5 Use? 

Here are the VST plugins that he is currently using, or have been used in some recent songs: 

Xfer Serum

Xfer Serum

This is one of the best software synthesizers available. It provides a high-quality sound and it’s also easy to use. 

Waves R360 Surround Reverb 

Waves R360 Surround Reverb 

Many great things can be done with the Waves R360 Surround Reverb which is why it's one of my favorite tools when I'm in need. 

The bundle of plugins that come with this pack is impressive and every plugin seems to have a specific purpose for producing such high-quality sounds. 

The reverbs that this produces are perfect for any style of music you might be making! 

Deadmau5 even posted about how much he loves his new reverb on Instagram: 


Mordant Basses 

This is a bundle of 3 VST synths. Deadmau5 mainly uses Moog Modular as one of his main sounds in many songs such as “Strobe” and “Phantoms Can’t Hang”. 

Native Instruments Reaktor 6

Native Instruments Reaktor 6

Reaktor is a really versatile VST plugin that has been used by many famous DJs and producers such as Skrillex, Deadmau5, and more.  

Reaktor 6 has been updated to include new features. This includes a polyphonic step sequencer where the user can input notes instead of using the hardware keyboard. 

He has mentioned using it on his social media accounts and in some videos.  

It's not surprising that he uses it since Reaktor is a software synth with one-of-a-kind VST. It also provides amazing control over sounds, which can be useful for both live performances and composing. 

Reaktor gives you the power to create your own sounds and effects from scratch, with a library of modules that can be used as-is or reconfigured.  

Not only does it act as a player for premade synths and effects but it also lets you really get in there into edit mode to add individual elements then routing them together.  

This is perfect for producers who want more control over their sounds.  

Native Instruments Massive Synth 

This is another well-known VST synth that’s been used by many top artists including Skrillex, ZHU, Knife Party, and Deadmau5 himself.  

The Equator 

This is a mastering limiter that has been used to master both his older and newer songs. Deadmau5 has referred to it as the only limiter worth using.  

This is one of the top mastering plugins that you can find.  

It’s highly recommended if you want to master your music and make it sound professional.  

Klanghelm VML 

This is a plugin that has been used in many songs besides Strobe, including The Veldt (The Remixes) by Deadmau5 & Chris James. It’s also been used on Superliminal by deadmau5 featuring Lana Del Rey.  


This plugin has been used in many of his older songs such as Strobe and Raise Your Weapon. 

This list is only a small selection of the VSTs that Deadmau5 uses or have been used in his productions. They do not include any virtual drum instruments, MIDI controllers, or hardware synths. 

2CAudio Aether Reverb 

2CAudio has released their new Aether Reverb. It is an algorithmic reverb that looks as complicated as it sounds but can be mastered by the knowledgeable who use it often.  

The renowned producer Deadmau5 posted about his thoughts on this product and how he plans to incorporate it in future productions. 

FabFilter Saturn Saturation 

The FabFilter plugin has been a staple in the music industry for years and is used by some of today’s most famous musicians. Deadmau5 has been a long-time fan of FabFilter plugins and it is clear by his tweet. 

Waves H-Delay 

You’ll love H-Delay. It is an excellent VST to use and gives vocals that perfect sound! Deadmau5 can be seen using it on his live stream, so you know it's good for music production. 

Sausage Fattener Plugin 

One plugin Deadmau5 uses, which helps create his unique soundscape, is Sausage Fattener. This little tool literally makes tracks fat by adding fullness and body without distorting or clipping any part of your track.  

Xfer Records OTT Compressor 

Deadmau5 streams his mastering process on Twitch. During it, he showed viewers how he used these plugins along with L2 Ultramaximizer.  

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 

Omnisphere, one of the best Synth out there. Browsing all its sounds took me plenty of time but they're worth every second. They are heavy on your CPU though so be careful!  

The sounds you can create with Omnisphere are just mind-blowing and literally, anything is possible when using these synths to make any type of sound you want. 

Lennar Digital Sylenth1 

Sylenth1 is a powerful VST synth that has been used by some of the most famous and popular artists in electronic music.  

It's also one of the industry-standard tools every producer should have, as it offers an incredible number of default presets available to start with. 

What makes Sylenth stand out from other synths on the market are all these wonderful sounds you can find online; there are thousands upon thousands worth downloading! 

GlitchMachines Cataract 

Cataract provides a tool that can be used by those who are into more experimental sound design and EDM production.  

The program allows producers to take audio from their computer's music library, scan it for patterns in the waveform data, then modulate or morph these snippets of sounds into something new and unique.  

Cataract's main draw is the randomization feature which lets you get out new ideas quickly. However, its true benefit comes from understanding how it works deeper down in order to experiment and make something truly engaging or listenable. 

Native Instruments Absynth 

One VST Deadmau5 uses in his Livestream is Absynth. 

Absynth is a synthesizer VST that features many different sound options. You can change the tone before exporting your song or performance 

The program is perfect for anyone who's really into creating their own unique soundscapes from scratch, like Deadmau5! 

GlitchMachines Convex 

Convex by GlitchMachines is a powerful tool in Ableton Live that Deadmau5 uses to produce music. 

It is a dual multi-effect processor with 3 effects. But it will give you 2 instances of each effect. 

The Convex gives you flexibility with its 2 sound layers and the option to use modulation. 

This makes it useful for affecting everything from patterns and synth lines. 

Deadmau5 is also an avid fan of analog gear - so he definitely appreciates that this unit processes incoming signals in live time (meaning that users are able to start modifying sound right away). 

Waves H-Reverb 

The Waves H-Reverb is a complex plugin that allows you to control sound in detail.  

It is a sound effect that uses impulse response libraries and traditional delay engines. 

The result of this complex creation gives you an amazing amount of control, so much in fact, it has been described as giving even the most advanced users headaches.  

Despite its complexity, though Deadmau5 reportedly uses this tool to produce his signature sounds because he can have such precise control over every aspect of the tone through granular for example. 

FXpansion Strobe Software Synthesizer 

FXpansion Strobe Software Synthesizer  

FXpansion's Strobe is a VST plugin that could take your sound production to the next level. 

Version 2 brings a new level of precision to the analog modeling aspect by allowing users to control their patches on an individual and repeated basis. 

Software like Strobe2 allows producers to edit their work on the fly. A detail that matters to those who want sonically detailed basslines and melodies. 

GlitchMachines Cryogen 

Cryogen is software that you can use for sound design within Ableton. Deeply customizable, Cryogen has the ability to make chaotic sounds as well as being used to create new ones from scratch.  

Deadmau5 likes this program. because it's so customizable. It can be tweaked and customized on every parameter, giving one the chance to produce extremely customize sounds ranging anywhere from subtlety deranged or abstracted! 

Xfer Nerve Drum Machine Plugin 

Deadmau5 has used this VST in many of his tracks, and for good reason.  

This software is powerful with a lot to offer when it comes to sound choices. For example, one can modify bend or ring modulation under the pre-calc menu that’s hidden in this program. 

This plugin makes it easy to separate hits from a sample and rearrange them in various ways. This means you can easily roll a high hat, create your own drum kit from scratch, or use sound effects like reverb. 

KICK Drum Synthesiser Plugin by Sonic Academy/Nicky Romero 

Deadmau5 is always on the lookout for new ways to make his music more unique and sought-after.  

One of these methods that he has found, through using KICK, allows him to create all sorts of different drums from the start instead of relying solely on pre-made packs like most producers do today. 

You can design all the aspects of a kick sound. Deadmau5 uses this software for his setup because he can change the drum's overclock frequency. 

Waves CLA Vocals 

This plugin gives Deadmau5 control over the Reverb, Bass, Compression, Treble, and more of their vocal lines.  

As you go deeper into CLA's features it gets even better - 3 levels under each setting for intense manipulation or simple adjustments to one aspect of your vocals. 

The goal is to make the vocals fit in a mix. This can be difficult as audios are often too noisy and overpowering in EDM. Fortunately, CLA will let you raise up this frequency so it doesn't clash with other elements on your track! 



Deadmau5 is a one of the most popular DJs and producers of our time. His passion for music stems from a deep understanding of how important it is to have control over all aspects of production.  

These tools allow him to produce unique sounds that make people want to listen and dance! 

We hope this article helps you gain insight into the production softwares that Deadmau5 uses. Maybe even push you to step up your production game! 

In addition, you can find out other information about software and gear used by famous producers in different genres on our blog.