What Is A DJ? (The Best Tips for Beginners)

Do you know Alan Walker, David Guetta, Hardwell? They are the best DJs. So, what is a DJ? What do you need to become a DJ? Let me show you.

by Hazel James | Updated: June 30, 2021

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Music is getting better thanks to technology. Music producers that use technology and digital instrument are called DJ. Many people said that DJ is the guy who controls the music in the big events. So, what exactly is a DJ? How did the song is created?

What is a DJ?

DJ stands for Disc Jockey, basically is a person who in-charged in choosing and playing recorded songs. The first DJ is Martin Block, who played a recorded song while waiting for the main event.

Now, the DJ is understood as a musician. Both of them use instruments to make their music, but the DJ is a little bit different. Instead of using only the instruments, the DJ also “plays” the songs, soundtracks. They can be recorded in the vinyl discs, cassettes, CDs, or flash drives.

Usually, DJs play for live performances in a night bar, dance club, or big festivals. They create their music with the use of digital instruments and process it by computers. Moreover, they also remix other’s songs to make a different version of it.

There are many types of DJ depend on their tasks and duties

  • Radio DJs
  • Club DJs
  • Turntablists
  • Residents
  • Deejays
  • Mobile DJs
  • Producer DJs
  • Celebrity DJs
  • Bedrooms DJs

What exactly do DJ do?​

What exactly do they do?

Now, you have known that there are many types of DJs. So, what do they do?

Usually, DJs play the music, stir up the atmosphere of significant events or festivals. Depending on the purpose of the event, the DJ’s can be:

  • Provide music at events.
  • Develop playlists.
  • Play music at radio stations.
  • Mixing music tracks

Beside playing background for clubs, what else can they do? Of course, they can do more than just playing music in the clubs. Many DJs create their single album, such as Alan Walker, with his famous single Faded, Marshmello with Alone, etc. There are a lot of digital instruments that help DJs improve their production.

Do you want to be a DJ?

Do you want to perform on a big stage with an excited crowd? Check out these steps or learn to become a Digital DJ, a dj with out using turntable.

Thinking about your goal

Do you want to be a DJ?​

This is the most important thing. Remember, do not become a DJ if you want to be cool or impress other people. You can’t do anything, trust me! Love and passion will help you improve your skill better

Is there any DJ that inspired you?

Do you have any DJ idols? Whether they’re international or local, amateur or professional. Find their track, listen, and feel it, chill with their mixer. Find out what you like from mixing styles, melody, transitions. That’s a great way to know your style, what you want to do as a DJ.

Get some basic skills

When starting a job, you should know some necessary skills,

  • Beatmatching
  • Phrasing
  • Gain Control
  • EQuing

Let’s create something

Let’s create something

When you have confidence in your skills, your mixing, it’s time to record yourself!

Of course, you have the creative license to play Of course, and you have the creative license to play whatever you want. But, I think you should let someone listen to your mixes, they can analyze, comment. You can get useful advice to improve yourself, your mixes.

Show people what you’ve got

Well, it’s time to get your DJ name, build an online presence, and show people who you are, what you’re worth. That’s what it’s all about.

Let's Recap

So far, we’ve known what a DJ is and how to become a good DJ. If you haven’t found any job for you, try it! But first, remember: it must come from deep inside your heart.