Zen Beer

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Zen Beer is the brainchild of Canadian freelance bassist Adam Tanner, who throughout a professional and semi-professional career spanning a decade has played bass in many different styles and environments. Heavily influenced by a very wide variety of music from Bach to Squarepusher to Opeth, hearing the pioneering work of bassists such as Victor Wooten, Tony Levin, Les Claypool and Stu Hamm gave him the drive to pursue a solo bass project of his own when the time was right.

That time turned out to be 2003, when Adam became familiar with the solo work of bassists such as Steve Lawson and Michael Manring, which incorporated on-the-fly looping technology. Emboldened by the seemingly endless possibilities that the combination of bass and live looping might offer, he began to explore this newly charted realm of the low end, adding to it his own personal style, experience, and the concept of unintentional music, flowing from the heart and not the head.

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Various unreleased home recordings were to follow over the next couple of years. Buoyed by the positive response to both these and a few live improvisational performances, Adam went into the studio in mid-2005 to record Zen Beer's debut CD, "Grand Unified Chaos", a 15-song record with a style all its own - solo bass and, with the exception of one track, only bass. Yet, many different elements can be heard: progressive and alternative rock, ambient electronica, electro-acoustic, classical, jazz and funk.

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This debut CD represents only the beginning of the journey for the Zen Beer project, with more live shows and recordings to come in the near future. The concept continues to grow, evolve and forge its own path in so doing.

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